How does staying awake for twenty-four hours sound to you?

Probably, not good.

But, would you stay awake for twenty-four hours for the chance to win a million dollars?

If the answer is yes, then Netflix has a game show perfect for you…

Read on to find out everything you need to know about how to get on to Netflix’s brand new challenge show Awake: The Million Dollar Game.

Screenshot: Awake: The Million Dollar Game S1 E1 – Netflix

How does Awake: The Million Dollar Game work?

The game works by having contestants do simple challenges such as counting quarters or drinking slushies.

But, they are simple challenges for a well-rested mind as the contestants quickly find out.

They have been sleep deprived for a whole twenty-four hours before stepping into the game section of the show. So, as you can imagine, there are some pretty exhausted people competing!

One contestant even stayed awake for two whole days to leave with nothing. Yikes.

How to get on the show

Not much has been said about the application process for Netflix’s reality TV shows or competitions.

The producers of Dating Around said they hired a casting company for the show and just sent round flyers to gather people’s interest.

So whether or not the same process goes into casting Netflix’s game shows is unclear.

But what is clear is that many more people will be interested in signing up for the show, once they’ve seen the challenges on air!

Will there be a season 2?

One of the things that will determine whether or not the application process for Awake: The Million Dollar Game will reopen, is if Netflix’s commissions a second season.

At the moment, nothing has been said about a season 2.

Considering the show has mixed reviews, it’s not guaranteed to be renewed. But as Netflix are trying to shift into this different arena of reality TV, talent and game shows, we wouldn’t be surprised if they kept it going for one more round!

We will continue to update this page with any new information about applying for the series as it is released.