Series four of ITV2 series Ibiza Weekender was one of the most watched and talked-about series to date.

The sun-drenched series started with seven holiday reps yet finished with five. Iconic holiday rep Jordan Davies faced the sack and girlfriend Chyna Ellis walked away with him.

Now, Ibiza Weekender has announced that they are looking for more holiday reps as they rebuild their team for series five in 2018.

Have you got what it takes?

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

Screen Shot: OUTCASTED – Chyna and Jordan may not return – Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

Become a Holiday Rep on Ibiza Weekender Series 5

To apply for series five of Ibiza Weekender all you have to do is head on over to

The application process features all the usual name and email info, alongside social media links and headshot and body pictures.

The application stresses that you must be 18-years-old by the summer of 2018.

Answer Two Questions

There are only TWO questions to answer when filling out your Ibiza Weekender holiday rep application.

However, they are two incredibly important questions.

Screen Shot: Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

Screen Shot: ARE YOU SINGLE? – Ibiza Weekender, ITV2

  1. Are you single?
  2. Tell us about yourself! Why do you think you’d make a great rep?

Use These Tips!

To stand the best chance of earning a summer job, where you can be as lazy as Chyna Ellis on the pool cleaning duties, use our three reality TV top tips.

DON’T LIE on your Ibiza Weekender Application

It may sound kind of stupid but, obviously, don’t lie. Even the smallest white lie is likely to face repercussions.

Tell the truth, be confident about how interesting you are as a person, and understand that it’s the role of the casting team to sniff out your bull.

PHOTOS must be good quality

Considering we live in an era where every 16-year-old has access to a 12 megapixel iPhone X camera, poor quality photos won’t cut it.

Take your phone, find a friend, and go to town with your own 30-minute modelling session. Find a natural and comfortable setting, like your bedroom, workspace or favourite coffee shop.

Using old photos which have earned “bare” likes on Instagram can work, so long as it doesn’t involve trying to pinpoint which one you are from a lineup of 12.

CALLUM was one of the new reps on Ibiza Weekender series 4 - ITV2

CALLUM was one of the new reps on Ibiza Weekender series 4 – ITV2

WRITE in your own voice

Good grammar and the ability to display varied sentence structures are not going to win you a place on Ibiza Weekender 2018.

Use the vocabulary you spit in everyday life with friends, speak as if you are talking face to face with the producers over a cuppa tea and make your written answers sound like you.


If the idea of being an Ibiza Weekender holiday rep sounds like a bit too much drama, you can instead apply to be a guest on the show by visiting and following the same steps.