How to apply for Parties in Paradise: Scott Thomas's new dating series!

It looks like Scott Thomas of Love Island fame is taking the reality TV lessons he’s learned and turning them into a must-watch new show.

For the past decade, Scott has been working in professional partying and PR, which means he knows a thing or two about organising some pretty killer events. His latest venture is Parties in Paradise, a brand new reality dating series set to rival the show which made Scott famous.

Inevitably, many reality TV fans are desperate to get involved with this new project, so we’ve got all the details on how you can apply! Find out about the application process and entry requirements for Parties in Paradise here.

Scott Thomas arrives for the Bloomsbury Street Kitchen VIP Opening Party

What is Parties in Paradise?

Parties in Paradise is created by Fremantle. They are the team behind smash hit series such as Too Hot to Handle and The X Factor. We’re sure with their backing, Parties in Paradise is going to be a blast.

The series will follow young singletons sailing around to various party islands while on the look for love. It is due to film in October and November to then air in 2021.

An insider revealed more details about Parties in Paradise:


It’s in the middle of a bidding war between channels but it’ll end up airing globally – it’s huge. It’s filming in October and November and the idea is that sexy single people cruise around on a yacht and fall in love. The boat will go between islands and they’re looking for people who aren’t famous – they want normal people who’ll win the public’s hearts, just like on Love Island.

Parties in Paradise: Entry requirements

So far, the only confirmed entry requirements to apply for Parties in Paradise is that you are over 18 years old.

As we saw with Too Hot to Handle, they accepted entries from all around the world. Fremantle tends to cast globally, so it is likely that Parties in Paradise will accept applications from not just the UK but other countries.

You will also need to be available for filming in October to November 2020.

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Parties in Paradise: How to apply

It’s easy to apply for Parties in Paradise, all you need to do is email either [email protected] or [email protected]

As of yet, these are the only two ways to apply and they have not specified what needs to be in these application emails.

You will potentially need to email a bit about yourself, your age and your home country, plus why you want to be on the show! More application details to follow…




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