Applications may be closed for the current series of Naked Attraction 2019 but don’t despair.

You can still apply for Naked Attraction now, ready for the next series!

And yes, it’s a proper application. Please don’t just start spamming them with nudes on Twitter!

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Anna Richardson.

How Do I Apply For Naked Attraction?

Get yourself to the Studio Lambert website at

They have a fairly simple contact form to get in touch with them, and if they like the initial impression they’ll get back in touch. Not all enquiries will get a response, though.

One rule, and it’s important: you must be over 18 to apply. No exceptions.

What Applications Questions Do They Ask?

Nothing too invasive up front – they don’t even ask for a photo!

They ask basic personal details, including your job and how you heard about applying. Not much room to show off your personality.


What Actually Happens on Naked Attraction?

Well, you either get to be the picker – the lucky soul with five naked bods to choose from – or you’re one of the naked bods in the pods.

The choices are revealed section by section, starting from the feet up. One person is eliminated each round.

When it’s down to two, the picker has to strip off as well.

Time for that final decision. Then, two naked people make a date. That’s basically it!

Naked Attraction 2019

The brand new series of Naked Attraction launches on Tuesday, January 22nd.

Series 4 will continue every Tuesday night on Channel 4, at 10:35 pm.

Most series air for around five or six episodes, although there are always repeats muddled around within the Freeview TV schedule.


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