Who is Ada on Return to Amish? Meet Maureen's grandma on Instagram!

Ada is known as Maureen’s grandmother on TLC’s Return To Amish. Fans are starting to wonder exactly who she is, and what she does.

She is often seen appearing on the Breaking Amish spin-off, which sees those with Amish and Mennonite lifestyles going back to their roots.

Those who have only just started watching may not recognise Ada, but long-time viewers may know that she has been there from the beginning.

So, who is Maureen’s grandma Ada Byler? Where is she now? We have all the latest updates, from her Instagram to what she’s up to in 2021.

Screenshot: Ava Byler, Sneak Peek: Return to Amish Is Back!, TLC YouTube

Who is Ada on Return to Amish?

Ada was first introduced as an Amish woman who makes and sells Amish Donuts at fairs.

Jeremiah and Carmela had developed a new partnership with her, as they planned to sell the donuts themselves.

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She demanded that they hire Amish people to be their salespeople, and became Jeremiah’s business partner.

The Return to Amish star is mostly known for being Maureen’s grandma.

Ada has previously been shunned by the Old Order Amish community, due to getting a job, which is against the rules.

Where is Ada Byler now?

  • Ada is now living in Florida

She has opened her home to ex-Amish who have left their communities.

This includes cast members Maureen and Rosanna, who travelled down to Florida from Pennsylvania to live with her.

After being shunned for getting a job, Ava started up her own cleaning business, where she says she makes “a lot of money”.

She has been taking care of Maureen ever since her mom – Ava’s daughter – gave birth to her from a young age.

Ava is seen as an “Amish firecracker”, as she is considered louder than the usual Amish person. She also sometimes drinks beer.

Meet Ada Byler on Instagram

Ada appears to have a new man in her life, who she has not named.

Continuing to call herself a “firecracker”, she seems to be enjoying life in Florida, either by relaxing at a pool or spending time with Maureen.

She recently got herself a new ride, namely a RAM truck.

Describing her boyfriend as “the best” and the “man of her dreams”, she now celebrates Christmas with family and often hits the gym.



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