The Conversation: Akbar V and Tommie Lee feud explained

The Conversation: Akbar V and Tommie Lee feud explained

Love and Hip Hop stars Akbar V and Tommie Lee have been feuding for a while, but they put everything on the table on The Conversation.

Fans knew it wouldn’t end well, and they were proved right: their ongoing drama only seemed to erupt even more in front of the cameras.

Despite Akbar V announcing she was leaving LAHH: Atlanta during the pandemic – to focus on her music – their argument did not end there.

The Zeus Network allowed the contrasting duo to talk things out on The Conversation, which went from 0 to 100 real quick – in a near fight.

Akbar V and Tommie Lee’s feud

After Akbar V and Tommie Lee agreed to sit down to talk about their issues, like other feuding reality stars, things got heated quickly.

During a released video which is doing the rounds online, Tommie Lee is seen telling Akbar V:

You don’t have a page, you don’t have endorsements, you’ve got nothing going on.

She then appears to push away a security officer, before several more officers hold both the girls back from each other.

Akbar responds by shouting over to Tommie Lee: “On God, you’re going to have to see me now.”

Tommie Lee received messages from people calling her an “alcoholic”, before she put on her story: “That drunk narrative is being played out!”

LAHH: Akbar V and Tommie Lee

Before rapper Akbar V joined Love and Hip Hop Atlanta several years ago, Tommie Lee and the rapper were rumored to have gotten into a fight.

Reports say that Akbar claimed to she brutally beat Tommie inside an Oakland recording studio after she was “disrespectful”.

Tommie and Akbar were both recording in neighboring booths when Tommie reportedly walked into where Akbar was recording.

She then is thought to have started shouting at the recording engineer, before Akbar allegedly put her hands and feet on Tommie.

Although Tommie laughed off the rumors, she was accused of covering up her bruises from the alleged altercation with make-up.

But in February 2021, their feud rose to the surface, when Akbar V showed interest in boxing Tommie Lee, before being accused of wanting clout.

Fans react to LAHH star’s drama

Since The Conversation revealed that Akbar V and Tommie Lee were set to star on the show, many fans knew it would be a huge mistake.

Some are already choosing their side to support.

One fan said: “Just saw a trailer of the new episode of #TheConversation and it’s Tommie Lee and Akbar. Can’t wait to watch this one.

“Akbar really tried to fight Tommie? We all know Tommie will eat her up!!”

Another wrote: “It’s Akbar V reverting back for me…

“You went on Fox Soul and apologized for the way you acted now you having a conversation threatening and tryna fight Tommie.

“I can’t keep defending you. #TheConversation.”


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