Amy is one half of The 1000-lb Sisters who shared their weight loss journey with TLC viewers. So where is she now? What happened next?

Amy and Tammy Slaton were seen trying to lose enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery, with episodes first airing in January 2020.

One year later, fans are wondering where Amy is now, and whether she ever got the weight loss surgery she initially wanted.

So where is Amy from The 1000-lb Sisters now? Your latest update below!

Screenshot: Amy Slaton, Amy Reveals Her Weight Loss! | 1000-lb Sisters, TLC YouTube

Who is Amy Slaton?

Amy Slaton, from Kentucky, is known for being a YouTuber and reality star.

While Amy weighed 406 pounds, her sister Tammy weighed 605 pounds.

Amy revealed that she wanted to start a family with her husband.

However, she had trouble getting pregnant as a result of weight and health issues, and wanted to lose the pounds as a result.

The 1000-lb sisters: Amy’s weight story

With the sisters both living together, Tammy was often seen relying on Amy, which saw the siblings getting into some arguments.

They chucked away junk food that was inside their kitchen.

Amy had been an average weight until she turned 10, which was when her grandmother died – and grief made her turn to food.

As seen on The 1000-lb Sisters, she followed a healthier diet and began to exercise. Amy then went on to lose 124 pounds!

Where is Amy Slaton now?

The question on everyone’s minds is whether Amy, now 33, ever got the weight loss surgery she was aiming to qualify for.

Amy lost the weight needed to get the surgery, now weighing 276 pounds, and revealed her drop in pounds to her family on The 1000-lb Sisters!

It is thought that she has given birth to her first child – a baby boy – with her husband Michael Halterman, which had an arrival date of January 7, 2021.

Reports state that she was not supposed to get pregnant so close to having the weight loss surgery, which happened 4 months after the procedure.

Tammy has revealed that she is happy for her sister.



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