Has Angela Simmons had a boob job? GUHH star is thinking of surgery!

Angela Simmons, best known for starring on WE tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop, has revealed she is thinking of getting a boob job done.

It comes after rumors began circulating about her previous romance with Brandon Jennings, after Sakoya Wynter made her debut on GUHH.

In a recent episode, Angela opened up about her plans to possibly get a boob job, adding that she has had a child and breast-fed already.

Fans may be wondering if she took the plunge, and actually went under the knife to get her boobs done. We explored her earlier pictures to find out.

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Screenshot: Romeo Got Angela Like WHOA | Misster Ray’s Reality Wrap, WE tv YouTube

Angela reveals she’s thinking of surgery

Angela, who plans to create a calendar of her in swimsuits, has broached the idea of possibly getting her boobs done.

She said she would allow shots from behind with her hair covering her back area, and covering her chest area with her hand.

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The GUHH star then goes on to say she was “even thinking about getting a boob job”, blaming her Miami for giving her “different vibes”.

Angela said:

I don’t know, I might do it. Look, I had a kid, I breast-fed, they might be a little lower than what you want. It’s like, a natural want. I’m thinking about it.

Did Angela Simmons get a boob job?

  • No, Angela has not revealed that she got her boobs done

Although she was definitely thinking about it, there has been no confirmation from her that she actually got boob surgery.

Looking through her Instagram, it is a possibility, as her chest area looks slightly larger compared to photos from a few weeks ago.

However, this could just be the type of clothes she is wearing.

It is likely that, due to being so open on Growing Up Hip Hop about her possible surgery in future, she would have let her followers know!

A fan commented on a clip of the conversation, and said they think Angela is “beautiful” just the way she is.

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Angela on why she shows off her body

During an episode of GUHH, Angela said she has worked hard to get the results she has with her body, and has always been health conscious.

Despite the criticism on some of her bikini pics, the reality star doesn’t let that stop her from being confident.

She often shares her exercise routines, and clearly wants to be a figure for women, as her younger sister has been open about her body struggles, too.

Angela said:

I really don’t care what anyone else has to say about how I show my body. I hope I can be an inspiration for my sister, because it took me a while to get where I’m at.

The GUHH star also has a naturally-influenced fitness brand!

Called Built Not Bought, it encourages women to adapt to the lifestyle of eating clean and exercising to get the fitness results the natural way.



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