Ayana has been appearing on WE Tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop for years now. So, what else do we need to know about her?

The reality TV star joins the Atlanta-based cast, whose lives are followed as they navigate through the hip hop music industry.

Having often gone on tour with her father as a child, Ayana has always been part of the world of music, and shares her skills on the series.

Who is Ayana? And how is she related to co-star Deb Antney? We found her on Instagram to learn more about her background.

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Who is Ayana from Growing Up Hip Hop?

Ayana Fite is a 30-year-old reality star, and daughter of DJ Hurricane.

Her father, who was part of the Beastie Boys, would take her on tour with them when she was growing up.

Ayana said that she got whatever she wanted as a child, but realises now that she’s older than it’s called “being spoilt”.

One of her life goals is to have her own successful clothing line, which she launched several years ago.

She came out to her parents after graduating, when she began living by herself, and has been in a relationship with her girlfriend for five years.

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How is Ayana Fite related to Deb Antney?

  • Ayana is thought to be Deb’s niece

Deb Antney is also Waka Flocka Flame’s mom and manager.

Ayana grew up around Deb as a child, who she calls her aunt.

While some fans think that Deb and DJ Hurricane – whose real name is Wendell Fite – are brother and sister, others say they are “pretending”.

In Deb’s autobiography, it reveals that she does have a brother, however it is not thought to be DJ Hurricane.

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Meet Ayana Fite on Instagram

Ayana describes herself as a “TV personality, Sephora addict and spoiled brat” in her Instagram bio.

She regularly spends time with her girlfriend Amy, whether that’s going swimming together or hanging out with their puppy.

The Growing Up Hip Hop star also promotes her YouTube channel on there, which has over 8.2K subscribers.



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