Bar is known as a supporting cast member, who often makes appearances on MTV’s Teen Mom 2. Who is he? What’s his Instagram?

The star – whose full name is Bariki Smith – is the fiance of cast member Ashley Jones, and a father to their child Holly Lockett-Smith.

He doesn’t always feature on the series, which follows the reality of teenage pregnancies as they try to navigate through school and general life.

So, who is Bar? What does he do for a living? We explored his tattoos and Instagram to find out more about him…

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Who is Bar on Teen Mom 2?

Bariki “Bar” Smith is a 24-year-old father from Vallejo, California.

Born on March 1, 1997, is a brother to Yasmine, and Troy Seales, and a son to mother Shenandoah Williams.

He has featured on Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, as Ashley Jones’ fiance and a father to Holly Lockett-Smith.

Ashely and Bar were brought on to Teen Mom 2 for season 11.

Bar recently achieved his General Education Diploma (GAD), shortly after his fiance got her Associates’ degree.

Bariki Smith: Tattoos

Bar has a number of face tattoos, including a forehead tattoo on his right which says ‘NORM’, a teardrop near his eye and a forearm tattoo.

He also has a face tattoo which reads ‘YR474’ above his left eyebrow, which several fans have questioned in relation to its meaning.

In 2019, Ashley shared her frustration – on Twitter – over Bar wanting to go and get a tattoo instead of helping her watch their daughter Holly.

His face tattoos are tributes to friends who passed away, with ‘YR’ referring to a rapper who is known as Young Rell.

The teardrop is one of the most widely recognised prison tattoos and has various meanings, which can signify that they have been in jail.

It can also acknowledge the loss of a friend or family member, amongst other potential meanings, but we don’t know Bar’s reason behind the tattoo.

Meet Bar on Instagram

Bar – who refers to himself as John Doe on Instagram – often posts pictures looking happy with Ashley and Holly.

Recently, Ashley and her fiance unfollowed each other on social media, just days after he agreed with a fan wishing them a “wonderful future”.

Bar continues to keep the pictures of him and Ashley on his profile, however she reportedly removed all the photos of him from her own.

He promotes his music career on Instagram, referring to Soar Music Group LLC, Universal Music Group and Virgin Music.



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