Bling Empire: What is Guy Tang's net worth? Earnings of hairdresser explored!
Screenshot: Guy Tang, Bling Empire, Season 1 Episode 4, Netflix

Bling Empire: What is Guy Tang's net worth? Earnings of hairdresser explored!

Guy Tang is known for his many talents, including being a singer-songwriter, hairdresser and YouTuber. So what is his net worth?

Starring on Netflix’s reality series Bling Empire, he joins the wealthy friendship group of Asians living in Los Angeles.

We already know that Anna Shay is the richest cast member, and we managed to catch a glimpse of Guy’s house on the show.

So what is Guy’ Tang’s net worth? Let’s take a look at his earnings…

Screenshot: Guy Tang’s home, Bling Empire, Season 1 Episode 5, Netflix

What does Guy Tang do for a living?

Guy is a man of many talents, as he is a celebrity hairdresser, singer-songwriter and YouTuber.

The music artist recently released his #More2Me album in 2020 (with music videos starring his co-stars!), following several song releases since 2018.

He is also the creator behind hairstyling business Guy Tang Mydentity.

The Bling Empire star has at least 2.26 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, which features several hair tutorials, as well as music videos.

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What is Guy Tang’s net worth?

  • $1 million

Reportedly one of the less wealthier stars of Bling Empire, he earns around $1K to $7.38K per month from YouTube alone, according to

Over the last week, he allegedly made $344 from the social media website.

Celebrity hair stylists in Los Angeles earn an average of $69,209 per year, according to, adding another income of money for Guy.

When it comes to musicians, the range of money they earn depends entirely on their success, so it is known how much Guy makes with his music.

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Guy Tang’s LA home explored

His Los Angeles home is featured on Bling Empire, boasting an open-plan house that can fit several people inside – enough for Kevin’s birthday party!

With an open staircase centred in the living room, and a sofa long enough to fit at least 6 people on it, Guy seems to have a pretty comfortable lifestyle.

With floor to ceiling windows, he has a wooden breakfast bar in the kitchen, and in another room, a large swimming pool!



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