Bruce from Twentysomethings' scar is "beautiful", say Netflix fans

Bruce from Twentysomethings' scar is "beautiful", say Netflix fans

Twentysomethings: Austin saw a group of strangers move into a home together. One part of fan favorite Bruce Stephenson’s appearance is his head scar, which viewers have described as “beautiful”.

From finding love to finding themselves, settling into a new city and leaving behind old jobs and their families, Michael, Bruce, Keauno, Kamari, Abbey, Isha, Raquel and Natalie begin their adulting lives together.

Bruce, a 23-year-old insurance worker from Greenville, South Carolina, has quickly become well-liked on the Netflix series. Wanting to find out all about him, many have questioned why he has a scar on his head.

Reality Titbit has done some digging to explore how he got the scar.

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Twentysomethings: Austin | Official Trailer | Netflix

Twentysomethings: Austin | Official Trailer | Netflix

Viewers notice Bruce’s “beautiful” scar

Since Twentysomethings: Austin hit Netflix, viewers everywhere have been coming up with questions on Bruce’s scar.

Many are anticipating whether he will share the story behind the scar on his head. Looking through Twitter and his IG comments, he has not yet responded to fans hoping to find an answer.

A viewer said: “Just started watching #twentysomethings and I need to know what the scar on Bruce’s head is about.” Several fellow watchers commented on the post, agreeing that they had noticed the mark.

“Wonder when we’re gonna get the story of Bruce’s head scar”, wrote another.

One fan commented on Bruce’s IG post: “How did you get your scar? Its a beautiful hook.

Your barber does a beautiful job making it blend.

How did Bruce Stephenson get the scar?

Bruce has not publicly spoken about how he got his head scar. However, there are a few things that may suggestively be the cause of the scar, as explored by Reality Titbit. These are unconfirmed causes.

We know that he has been learning to live with epilepsy since he was 12 years old, as stated on his personal website. Therefore, the scar could be a result of an epilepsy attack or a general relation to the condition.

Epsy Health reported that Bruce initially thought he may have had a seizure due to an eye issue. He added:

Back in the US I went and had an EEG done, the doctor asked if I had been involved in a car wreck. I hadn’t, but it triggered a memory from a year and a half prior. I was playing on a makeshift zipwire in a friend’s back garden. I immediately remembered there was a knot in the line and when I hit it, it threw me back and I hit my head on the tree and was knocked unconscious.

Another potential cause may have been when he suffered a concussion in eighth grade, which meant he could not pursue his dreams of playing football at high school.

He is also pretty sporty, and may have just suffered an injury while doing activities. Some of his much-loved sports include baseball, flag football, softball, and soccer.

The scar has only became noticeable since May earlier this year, but it may have just been well-covered by his longer hair. But even when his hair was cut shorter, the scar was not as prominent before summer.

Where is Bruce since Twentysomethings aired?

Bruce has been busy lifting weights, promoting Twentysomethings, and modelling.

He appears to have kept up close friendships with his Netflix co-stars, too!

Now on celebrity video platform Cameo, fans can buy a personalised gift message from Bruce for their loved ones, just in time for Christmas. He is donating 50 percent of the proceeds to Epilepsy Foundation and Make A Wish America.

Many fans have been asking Bruce why he left the house, but he never explained why. Instead, he has said that his housemates are “the best”. Oh, and he did keep the bartender’s shirt!



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