Has Cara from Siesta Key had a nose job? Possible surgery explored

Cara Geswelli, who is best known for getting involved in MTV’s Siesta Key antics, has come under speculation for possibly getting a nose job.

The reality series follows a group of Islanders, who are all facing daily life changes – from launching a swimwear line to leaving the crew altogether.

Cara has been part of several storylines, and since she arrived on the island for season four, talk around her nose job has resurfaced.

Nose jobs are a popular topic amongst avid reality TV viewers, who usually notice when a star’s appearance changes. Before and after photos loading…

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Did Cara Geswelli get a nose job?

  • Yes, Cara confirmed she had her nose done

In fact, Cara revealed at the end of season two that she got a nose job.

She asked Garrett Miller, who was her boyfriend at the time, what he thinks of her new nose when he visited her at home.

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Several fans thought she was annoyed with him, because he had not noticed a difference in her nose before she brought it up.

Fans react to Cara’s nose job

Ever since Cara asked Garrett – her ex-boyfriend – about whether he liked her nose, viewers haven’t stopped talking about it.

Since her recent arrival to the island, the conversation around Cara’s ‘new nose’ has actually inspired one fan to want surgery.

But the majority of viewers remembered when Cara and Garrett spoke about her nose during an earlier episode of the MTV series.

One Twitter user said: “Omg stop, I just remembered an episode of Siesta Key where Cara bugged on Garrett because he didn’t compliment or realize she got a nose job.”

A Reddit thread involves users sharing their thoughts on Cara’s nose.

One user wrote: “This makes me sad.. she had a beautiful nose and was all around gorgeous.”

Another said: “I would have kept her OG nose but if she feels more confident with a done one, good for her.”

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Before and after surgery: Cara Geswelli

In October 2018, Cara shared a side profile of her nose which showed a slight bump on the ridge, as well as a pointier snout.

Then in April 2019, when she asked Garrett what he thought of her new nose, she began sharing photos which looked significantly different.

Some fans think Cara may have gotten another nose job since then, but this has not been confirmed by the MTV star herself.

In March 2020, the reality star shared another side view picture of herself, which some fans used to compare to how her nose looked before.



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