Carlin Bates has revealed the answer many fans have been hoping for, which is the relief that doctors are figuring out exactly why she keeps having dizzy spells. She shared the health update on Instagram.

The Bringing Up Bates star is usually pretty open with followers, to the same level she was when the reality TV family allowed cameras to document their every move. So when Carlin started getting dizzy all the time, she shared the news.

After several follow-up appointments, which took place on her and Evan’s three-year wedding anniversary, Carlin was told that they are almost 90 per cent sure she is having seizures. However, she still needs to visit the doctor again.

Carlin Bates gives health update

After four hospital visits in the space of a week, Carlin Bates has finally given fans a sigh of relief as she revealed doctors are almost 90 per cent sure she is having seizures but aren’t sure which kind she is experiencing.

She took to Instagram to tell her followers that she has been trying to figure out why she keeps passing out and having seizure-like symptoms, which led to doctors running multiple tests and being unable to diagnose the issue.

Carlin is now wearing a heart monitor which has been recording her seizure episodes. The Bringing Up Bates star recently shared on her Instagram stories that she had an episode in front of doctors and said:

We’re actually getting some answers because I ended up having an episode while I was at my follow-up appointment. If I’m going to have them, I’m glad they’re in front of doctors. That’s why I’m a little shaky.

She added that it’s going to “take a little testing” to figure out what exactly is causing the seizures but added that there are medicines that can help control them and suppress them, as she is having “so many episodes.”

She spent her wedding anniversary in hospital

On the day of Carlin and Evan’s three-year wedding anniversary, they shared tributes to each other on Instagram. However, at the same time, she was spending three hours in the hospital before being wheeled out by Evan.

They discussed that they would pick up dinner on the way home from the emergency room to celebrate before Carlin shared a video of her stories of them tucking into dinner. She captioned the story with the phrase “living out our lives”.

Carlin added: “Happy anniversary to us.” In the background of her story, Carlin and Evan were seen watching an episode of The Office and looking after their daughter after returning home from the hospital appointment.

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Bringing Up Bates star is ‘so thankful’

Following several attempts to figure out why she keeps passing out, Carlin revealed to her followers that she is “so thankful” for how helpful her fourth doctor’s appointment was.

She said she is “thankful they are heading in the right direction even though it may take some time to have a full diagnosis” before Evan shared that he is excited for them to find out what is wrong with her.

The reality TV star went on to say her doctor was the “sweetest she has ever met in her life” and stayed late to help her even though his colleagues had already left the office and gone home.


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