Chayce Beckham showcased his singing talent on American Idol, wowing viewers in the process. So, who is he?

This year, American Idol has witnessed the vocal chords of several different contestants, who the judges have either welcomed – or sent home packing.

Singer Chayce instantly became a popular hit amongst fans, with many saying that he is already a winner for them.

So, who is Chayce Beckham? Where can we listen to more of his music? Keep reading to have a sneak peek at his Instagram, and get to know him.

Screenshot: Chayce Beckham Sounds Like The Heart Of America! – American Idol 2021, American Idol YouTube

Who is Chayce Beckham?

Chayce is a musician from Apple Valley, California.

He has been working for construction firm United Rental for three years.

At first, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go on American Idol, however his parents pushed him to take the dive and audition.

He was “on a dark path with drinking and self-worth”, which led to him moving back home with his parents.

With music keeping him grounded, he made some positive changes and says that everything that’s happened in his life has led to American Idol.

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Chayce Beckham on American Idol

In the most recent episode, the contestant rocked the stage with his own country song called ’23’.

Viewers at home and judges had a lot of praise for Chayce with one person saying: “Chayce Beckham came a long way and now he is ready to conquer the music industry!”

Meanwhile, during his audition, Chayce performed What Brings Life Also Kills by Kolton Moore and The Clever Few, inspired by the difficult year he’s been through.

And he didn’t just sing, but he played guitar during his audition, too!

Luke Bryan told Chayce that he’s what this show is all about, while Lionel praised his commitment and believability.

Katy said he sounds like the “heart of America,” and predicts he’ll end up in the top five of the singing competition!

Several viewers noticed Chayce’s “raspy” voice, which they seemed to enjoy.

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Meet Chayce on Instagram

Chayce and fellow contestant Benson seem to have made a strong bond while on American Idol – they even have story highlights of each other!

He regularly shares his latest music projects, such as his journey on the competition, and occasionally sings for his followers.

The American Idol star is also close with his family, and shares some pictures with his sister, mum and dad.

He also enjoys fishing in his spare time!



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