Everyone in the world is hooked and fascinated by new Netflix reality series Dating Around.

From Luke to Mila and Gurki, the loveable characters have given the brand new series both warmth and style.

Here’s everything we know about Dating Around episode 3 star Lex!

Dating Around: Lex’s Full Name

After some digging, we found that Lex’s full name is Lex Liang.

You can follow him on Instagram under @lex924, where he boasts 1,390 followers. He frequently uses the site, racking up 300 interesting and diverse posts.

Dating Around Lex: Career

After graduating from New York University with a degree in Theatre Design and Art History, Lex has made waves in the fashion industry.

He started his own production house in 2003, working on scenic and costume designs for live performances. In addition to this, he has also been the owner and principal designer of LDC Design Associates since 2010, working with some of the most exciting talent in the industry.

If that wasn’t enough, Lex has also won awards for his work, being featured in major publications like The New York Times and The LA Times.

Dating Around Lex: Drawings

Rather than just promoting the end product, Lex likes to document the entire procedure of his work. .

His Instagram feed is littered with sketches, showing the early signs of the creative process when it comes to fashion.

If he wasn’t such a good designer, then Lex would probably make a good artist in his own right.

Dating Around Lex: Tattoos

Lex isn’t just creative when it comes to dresses; he also has a keen eye for ink.

He boasts a huge tattoo of a peony on his left shoulder blade, with this particular flower symbolising prosperity, beauty and good fortune.

Where Can I Watch Dating Around?

All six episodes of Dating Around are available to watch on Netflix right now, so go ahead and meet these interesting people.

There’s currently no news of a second season, but judging by the popularity of the show, we’d wager Dating Around will return.


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