A new sibling-focused show began airing on TLC last week, and it’s all in the name of Extreme Sisters. Let’s meet Christina and Jessica…

The series shows the extreme closeness of a sibling relationship, from sleeping in the same bed with a husband, to sisters that share a boyfriend.

However, Christina and Jessica are new cast members who share their own version of a sisterly bond, and their episode first airs on April 30th.

So, who are they? We found Christina and Jessica on Instagram, where we uncovered everything you need to know about them.

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Who are Christina and Jessica?

Christina Manning and Jessica Dunagan, both 37, are twin sisters.

Claiming they are psychic, they say that they can have conversations with each other without even having to talk.

They are the co-authors of cook book Change Your Food, Change Your Life.

Jessica is a mom to one son, and works with Christina as a love coach. They co-run Jesstina, which aims to transform people’s love lives.

Christina, on the other hand, is a mom to one daughter and one son, and is in a relationship with athlete John Zloty.

With over 14 years of love coaching experience, they have now worked with over 50,000 clients in all parts of the world.

Christina and Jessica: Extreme Sisters

The siblings use the bathroom together, with one clip showing one of them in the bath and another using the toilet.

Christina and Jessica are so close that they get naked in the woods together to reconnect to where they came from – when they were in the womb.

The Gig Harbor-born twins have been through it all together, from getting married to getting divorced, to having children at the same time.

Living less than one mile apart, they were reportedly scouted to go on the TLC series after production company Bodega saw their YouTube video.

Christina and Jessica, who believe in the practice of Reiki-charging their foods, have called themselves the “Psychic Sisters” since their late teens.

Meet the Extreme Sisters on Instagram

Christina and Jessica share several photos with each other on Instagram, and it’s no secret that they are raising their children as siblings!

While Christina proudly shows off her family and partner, Jessica is often seen spending time with her son Preston.

Jessica is also a dog mom to Char Char, who features in a few snaps.

Both clearly very family-orientated, the sisters enjoy travelling, sharing motivational and spiritual quotes, and have 1.6K followers combined.

We expect their follower count will increase tenfold after the show!



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