TLC’s My 600-lb Life fans are wondering where J.T Clark is now, and whether he ended up getting lymphedema removal surgery.

He first appeared on the show in Season 8, which follows people who are at least 600 pounds on the scale, as they embark on their weight loss journey.

J.T Clark is known as one of the heaviest patients to ever make his debut on My 600-lb Life – but has since shocked with his extreme weight loss.

So, did J.T get lymphedema removal? Let’s have a look at what he’s been up to following his appearance on the show…

Screenshot: J.T ClarkHe Carries a 100-lb Mass On His Leg! | My 600-lb Life, TLC YouTube

Who is J.T Clark?

Julius Clark, from Oklahoma, started his journey on the show aged 32, weighing almost 900lbs with a 100-lb lymphedema mass on his leg.

He had a food addiction that was believed to kill him if he didn’t change.

The TLC star has two sisters and one brother, who he is says he is “pretty close-knit” with, and is the oldest sibling.

They didn’t have much money growing up, however his dad worked for a hot dog restaurant, where him and his family ate for free.

J.T Clark’s story on My 600-lb Life

When J.T got older, he said his parents used their money to buy drugs, meaning they started to struggle more financially.

When he was ten years old, J.T and his siblings had to fend for themselves, and his weight tripled over the next three years, hitting 300 pounds aged 13.

J.T couldn’t fit in the desks like the other students at school, but managed to get a job at a fast food place so he could earn a pay check.

In a bid to try to improve his life and lose weight, he travelled to Houston with his girlfriend to visit Dr. Now – but his behaviour drives her away.

J.T, who hadn’t been employed since he hit 700 pounds at age 25, travelled back and forth to visit Dr. Now, but started to feel unwell.

He ends up losing 400 pounds following the exercising and diet program given to him by the doctor, who approved him for gastric sleeve surgery.

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Did J.T Clark get lymphedema removal?

  • Yes, according to an unofficial source

As reported via a post by Lymphedema Guru on Facebook, J.T was ready to have his lymphedema in January 2020.

So, it’s likely that he has since had the lymphedema removed more than a year later, but this has not been confirmed.

During the final weigh in, it was revealed that J.T weighed 491 pounds, having dropped 373 pounds in total.

J.T and Dr. Now had agreed that his goal weight would be 220 pounds.

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J.T Clark: After pictures

J.T may not be very public about his weight loss journey on social media, but fans have been wondering what has happened to him.

One viewer shared an image of what they believe to be J.T’s profile picture, which shows he has clearly lost a significant amount of weight.

Some fans thought that the below picture (left) were the latest updated picture of J.T’s weight loss, but this has not been confirmed.

Several commenters have disagreed that the man in the picture is actually J.T from the series, and think it could be another TLC star.

He has reportedly continued living in Houston, where he moved to be closer to Dr. Now during his weight loss journey.



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