Forged in Fire: Who is Doug Marcaida? Age, ethnicity and Instagram!

As Doug Marcaida judges bladesmiths on Forged in Fire, viewers are wondering what his background is. Get to know Doug here!

As four bladesmiths go knife-to-knife to recreate weapons in an intense competition, a big lump of prize money is at stake.

Doug is among the judges to see bladesmiths give off a cutting edge impression, being a designer of some of the world’s deadliest blades.

So let’s find out a bit more about the Forged in Fire star!

Screenshot: Doug, ‘Forged in Fire: Doug Marcaida’s EPIC Knife Collection’, HISTORY Youtube

Meet Doug Marcaida

Doug is an edged weapon combat specialist who also designs some of the world’s deadliest blades.

He is a highly-skilled martial artist and U.S. military contractor.

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Doug designs knives for FOX Knives Italy. His talents don’t stop there, as he also specialises in southeast Asian fighting style Kali.

He has taught classes in weapon awareness to be used within military, law enforcement, and security organizations.

Doug Marcaida: Age and ethnicity

While Doug’s nationality is American, he is of Filipino ethnicity and origin.

While his age has not been officially revealed, he is definitely over the age of 25. This is when he discovered his love for Filipino Martial Arts!

Doug founded Marcaida Kali, his personal interpretation of the various Southeast Asian styles of martial arts, 20 years ago.

So it’s likely that he is at least 45 years old, having first trained in martial arts when he was in mid-20s!

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Doug Marcaida on Instagram

Doug, who has over 349,000 followers on Instagram, keeps most of his posts professional – the majority of them are about knives!

He occasionally shares a random TikTok video or two, such as him against a clown – and shows fans behind the scenes of Forged in Fire!

His humorous side definitely comes out on his account…



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