Fynn Kliemann sets sail on Netflix’s new series The Houseboat, alongside Ollie Schulz. Let’s get to know him – we found his Instagram!

The series is all about two musicians who turn a houseboat into the place where they can test their vocal chords on – a whole new creative space.

With a boat owned by Gunter Gabriel, Fynn and Ollie get to grips with the music venue, a challenge proving to be a difficult one for the duo.

So, who is Fynn Kliemann? Let’s look through our notes to find out more about his music background, and what he does in his spare time…

Who is Fynn Kliemann?

Fynn is a musician, YouTuber, and movie maker from Germany.

He is known for being a web developer, who runs three YouTube channels – Fynn Kliemann (which has at least 571K subscribers!), Kliemannsland and Fynn Kliemann Musik.

In 2020, he won the 1 Live Krone music prize in the Best Artist category!

He grew up in Heeslingen with his two brothers and several foster children.

Now 32 years old, Fynn has been managing director and web designer at the Herrlich Media agency since 2011.

Fynn also claims that he published the most viewed documentary in 24 hours, called 100,000 – Everything I Never Wanted.

Fynn Kliemann’s music career

Fynn started playing music from a young age, first on the drums, and later becoming the guitarist of a singer-songwriter duo.

Using his web developing skills, he began making music on his computer, and was eventually offered a recording contract by Four Music.

He turned it down, and decided to produce his first solo album, for which he founded the label two Finger Records with Niklas Tietjen.

On June 8, 2018, Kliemann’s first single Morgen appeared on his music-based YouTube channel.

In 2020, following more achievements in his music career, he launched music video Throw my LIFE on the RUBBISH, shot from home.

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Meet Fynn Kliemann on Instagram

With at least 714K followers, Fynn’s career doesn’t go amiss on social media, and is clearly popular amongst his fans.

He appears to be happily loved up with his partner Franzi, a gardener, who he shares several pictures with on Instagram.

In his Instagram bio, he says: “I make some music, videos, clothes, build websites, start-ups and things out of junk. I also like crypto.”

He promotes his co-owned music business JingleBe – alongside producer Philipp Schwar – the first super selective music jingle token in the world.

Looking through his Instagram, he is an adventure-lover – such as snowboarding through the streets and jet-skiing on the water!



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