Is Buried By The Bernards real or fake? Netflix fans wonder if series is scripted!

A comedic twist on a funeral home has come to Netflix, but what with its quirky features, viewers are wondering if it’s real or fake.

Buried By The Bernards showcases a family living in Memphis, who spend their days trying to lift funeral costs for those who have lost loved ones.

In the new Netflix series, unique features such as a drive-in service, as well as the several comedy-based comments, have left viewers confused.

So, is Buried By The Bernards real or fake? Is the series scripted?

(L-R) Uncle Kevin and Debbie Bernard in episode 6 “Lights, Camera, Distraction!” of Buried by the Bernards S1. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

Viewers think show is ‘scripted’

Buried By The Bernards may have offered itself as a reality show, but the Netflix series has left viewers confused.

Due to the comedy seen throughout, many have questioned the authenticity of the funeral home show, with one accusing it of being a “mockumentary”.

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It might play on a dark humour, however one viewer found the series “triggering” due to the morbid reality of the topic.

Is R Bernard Funeral Services actually real?

  • Yes

Some viewers watching the series, which offers a comedy take on a funeral-based show, might think it’s all done for the cameras.

However, R Bernard Funeral Services is genuinely a real funeral business.

It all started when the company put out a TV advert in 2018, which went viral due to its comedic take on funerals.

The advert showed a dead man in shock at the the funeral service’s low prices, which leads to him sitting up, demanding to be taken to the home.

Is Buried By The Bernards scripted?

  • Some situations are semi-planned or partly scripted

While the Bernard family is real, as well as their business, the show is “semi-scripted”, according to Decider.

Despite this, how the family acts when the cameras aren’t around is exactly the same way they are shown on Buried By The Bernards.

Deja Bernard told News Channel 3, in Memphis:

[Netflix] had to literally come down here and meet us before they started the show because they thought we were actors. They didn’t think we were a real family and we said no, this is actually us, on a daily basis.

So, it’s likely that due to the confidentiality around running a funeral home, there were certain parts that may not have been included.

They also may have had to re-run scenes, which is usually done in any reality TV show, however it’s highly unlikely they didn’t follow a set script.



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