Jade Cline's plastic BBL surgery explored - Teen Mom star before and after!

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline opened up about her plastic surgery. We have compared the MTV star’s before and after pictures here…

The new season premiere of the series, which follows the reality of teens who became parents at a young age, aired on ours screens on May 4th.

Jade opened up about going under the knife, shining a light on how difficult it was for her while recovering from the procedure.

So, which plastic surgery did Jade undergo? And how did she look before?

Screenshot: Jade and Sean’s Relationship Timeline | Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant, MTV’s Teen Mom YouTube

What plastic surgery did Jade get?

  • Brazilian butt lift

Jade travelled to Miami to undergo the BBL procedure in January 2021.

She has since been showing off her new body on social media, which shows a significant difference to how she looked before.

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Admitting she is “still a little sore in some spots”, following the surgery, she then went shopping and bought lots of new clothing to fit her new curves.

The Teen Mom 2 star was seen crying in pain after the BBL procedure, which is known as the world’s most dangerous cosmetic surgery.

Jade opens up about going under knife

Viewers were shown the exact moment after the surgery took place, highlighting the reported “absolute worst points” of the recovery process.

Jade went to stay with co-star Briana DeJesus, who showed her support.

When it comes to Jade and her boyfriend Sean Austin – who she is usually on and off with – it’s a “complicated situation”, as reported by popculture.

She added:

I’ve been a little bit more selfish, thinking about myself and my kid more than worrying what other people think of me.

Jade Cline: Plastic surgery – before and after

Jade hasn’t shied away from showing off her new curves on Instagram. The picture (above) was taken in 2018, where she appears less ‘curvy’.

Over the last few months, it’s clear to see that she has not held back from getting full-body pictures since the procedure.

It looks like February 15 is when Jade had recovered and was ready to confidently show the world her new body.

Whether viewers noticed the bodily change or not is unknown, as there isn’t much word about it on Twitter, and she has comments turned off.



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