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Julie Chrisley looks fab now but OMG you need to see the young version

Julie Chrisley’s glamorous genes have continued to bless her until her late 40s, but you won’t believe just how cute she was as a teenager.

If you think the Chrisley Knows Best star looks good for her age now, imagine her without the Botox and instead, add on long, blonde locks. Now aged 48, most people – celebrities or not – tend to develop wrinkles and fine lines, and even some grey hairs by that time, but oh no… not Julie.

She has continued to keep up her bouncy hair-do and smooth skin, which is why we delved into her younger pictures to see the comparison.

OMG: Julie’s younger pictures

Julie may still look fabulous, but that soft skin was even softer – with an angelic smile to match – at the age of 24. When she was a new mom to son Chase, her hair looked finer, and she had much less prominent cheek bones. Julie was also far more natural.

Less 2021 and more ’90s, pre-TV personality Julie rocked a fringe and soft, curly locks, and didn’t appear as glamorous as she does now. Several fans say her daughter Savannah, now the same age as Julie in the below picture, inherited her looks.

In her early forties, Julie had a much more natural look, such as in this 2014 photo taken with Chase. She noticably wore a lot less make-up.

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Has Julie Chrisley had Botox?

Julie is thought to have potentially had work done, but isn’t as vocal as her husband Todd when it comes to Botox. America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn reportedly believes that Todd’s wife Julie has also had some work done, but has not done any on her himself.

Although unconfirmed, they thought Julie may have had facial lines smoothed out. While another surgeon, NYC’s Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Adam Schaffner, thinks she may have used Botox to relax lines, fillers to restore volume and skin treatments to smooth her skin.

However, Adam, who has not done work on Julie, also said differences may be due to lighting and/or camera angles.

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How Julie stays looking young

Julie recently underwent a total body transformation, and often works with Nutrisystem, a weight loss meal delivery company. She revealed she had dropped 20 pounds since working as an ambassador for the brand, and enjoys doing Pilates for exercise.

Choosing to make “better choices” when it comes to diet, she told People in 2018 that overeating was previously an issue for her. She said:

Overeating was a struggle, no matter what I was eating. Now, I don’t have to think about it. I tend to think I’m a little pickier because I do cook a lot, and I can cook.”

Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, which involved undergoing a double mastectomy for treatment. She then worked with a nutritionist from the program to cut out soy from her diet. 



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