What is Kelsey's FabFitFun partnership? And where is the Empathy sweatshirt from?

Kelsey Owens has partnered up with a brand called FabFitFun, as seen on MTV’s Siesta Key. Fans are also loving the Empathy Sweatshirt.

The reality TV star’s friend Madisson Hausberg got the entire cast to sport the popular sweatshirt, while Kelsey promoted the FabFitFun service.

It comes amid the drama, relationships and friendships that are seen forming – or cracking – during the fourth season of Siesta Key.

Viewers may be wondering how they can get their hands on the colourful sweatshirts, with the word ‘Empathy’ embroidered on the front.

Siesta Key (Season 4) Trailer | MTV

Siesta Key (Season 4) Trailer | MTV

What is FabFitFun?

FabFitFun is a subscription service that charges customers each season.

For $49.99, those who subscribe get a box sent to them four times a year, from beauty and wellness, to fashion and home accessories.

Each customer can choose a few products they wish to add into their box, while the other items will be a complete surprise!

The boxes come with eight items inside – and if you happen to live in the contiguous US, shipping is free!

FabFitFun boxes can also be paid for annually, which averages to $45 a box.

Kelsey’s partnership with FabFitFun

Kelsey is currently promoting FabFitFun as part of a joint partnership.

She reveals in the advert that “you can never have too much self-care”, adding that it is a way of saying thank you to yourself.

Anyone can now use the discount code SIESTAKEY to get the FabFitFun Summer Celebration Box for $24.99.

The MTV star continued to say that she is very excited to be partnering with the brand, as it is a female-founded company.

As living in Siesta Key means that you end up going from the beach straight to brunch, she went on to add that she loves the variety FabFitFun has.

It comes after she recently launched her own swimwear line!

And it’s not her first time getting involved in a promotion. Back in 2018, the Siesta Key star appeared in an advert on the show, for free Taco Bell food.

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How to buy Empathy sweatshirt

Viewers may have wondered if the Empathy sweatshirts were part of the FabFitFun promotion, but they were made by another company.

Several fans attributed the sweatshirts to how the cast members were acting throughout the show, as they sported them at Madisson’s bday party.

If you want to bag a sweatshirt for yourself, or a crop top, hat or shorts with the same design, head to The Mayfair Group Instagram page.

Unfortunately, it looks like the Empathy collection may have already sold out, after it launched three weeks ago.

However, you can follow the page to see if they restock the pieces!



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