Who is Kenna on Siesta Key? Age of Garrett's girlfriend revealed!

Kenna’s age was the talk of Siesta Key fans during the last episode, when she was introduced as cast member Garrett’s girlfriend.

She made her debut when the cast flocked to the Caribbean. Some partied and others developed friendships, while Kenna and Garrett cuddled.

Fans were instantly loving Kenna, with many of them saying she is a beauty and that Garrett Miller should ask her to marry him.

One question that viewers have is how old she is, as well as the age difference between her and Garrett.

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Who is Kenna?

Makenna Quesenberry, who is known as “Kenna” for short, is from Florida.

The fitness fanatic has been dating Garrett Miller for almost a year.

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She has worked with several brands, including Bloomin’ Bailey’s Jewelry, Almost Naked Swimwear, True Tights, and Boutine LA.

The social media influencer previously ran a YouTube channel.

How old is Garrett’s girlfriend Kenna?

  • Kenna is 21 years old

Garrett’s girlfriend celebrated her 21st birthday during late December.

Of course, Garrett, who is 25 years old, was there with his beau to share the happy celebration together, on New Year’s Eve.

Several fans had questioned Kenna’s age, with one viewer thinking that she might have a month-long vacation away from school to film.

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Kenna and Garrett: Relationship

The couple have been together since September 2020, but didn’t go public about their relationship on social media until Halloween.

Garrett and Kenna first met in Tampa, where she ran up and hugged him as if “they’ve known each other their whole life”.

They then went on their first date to Brio the day after, before later going on a road trip to Atlanta. The couple have also been to Tennessee for a trip.

Ever since, it looks like they have been majorly loved up, with Garrett never shy about telling the world that he is in love with Kenna.

He has called out online trolls for commenting on Kenna’s appearance, or for comparing her to former girlfriends like Cara Geswelli.

They also celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together earlier this year, as well as their six-month anniversary on March 4, 2021.



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