Fans of Netflix’s reality series Bling Empire are starting to question exactly how old cast member Kevin Kreider is. We can reveal his age!

Kevin is amongst the cast who make up an Asian friendship group in Los Angeles, who were filmed attending parties and living their usual lives.

His journey of trying to discover his biological parents is captured on-screen, including a hypnotherapy session, which left fans heartbroken.

So how old is Kevin Kreider? What else do we need to know about him?

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Who is Kevin Kreider?

Kevin is a fitness model who stars in documentary The Ugly Model.

Now living in Los Angeles, Kevin – who is also a stock investor – decided to pack up from his home in Philadelphia over the last five years.

He was born in Korea before he was by a German/Irish family aged 3.

After graduating with a science degree in 2006, he went on to train in acting with drama school The Maggie Flanagan Studio.

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How old is Kevin from Bling Empire?

  • 37

Kevin celebrates his birthday on August 21, and was born in 1983.

His friends threw a surprise birthday party for him on Bling Empire!

The series was filmed back in 2019, so he was around 35 at the time.

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What is Kevin Kreider’s net worth?

  • $10 million

Several fans believed that Kevin was portrayed as the “poor friend” on Bling Empire, so it might come as a surprise to learn he is wealthy.

One fan wrote: “Sorry Kevin has a net worth of 10 million and he was behaving like he never saw Dior shoes in his life??”.

On Instagram, he said he bought his first couch in the last 5 years.



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