Lacey Wildd's surgery results are beyond her wildest Botched dreams
Photo credit should read Ruaridh Connellan/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Lacey Wildd's surgery results are beyond her wildest Botched dreams

MTV star Lacey Wildd shocked fans when she appeared on E!’s Botched. The American TV personality she is today hasn’t changed at all – in fact, she’s got bigger cups than ever and seems to be living her surgery dreams.

Well-known for her extreme body modifications and bust proportion, Lacey rose to prominence when she was featured on the MTV documentary series True Life. The 53-year-old has spent over $1 million on plastic surgery.

It was back in 2014 when we heard her story on Botched, as she approached Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow with a request to enhance her breasts to size QQQ. She has even expanded them with pig skin!

Eight years on and Lacey has gotten close to what she has always wanted, and is slowly working her way down the breast cup alphabet. Latest updates reveal that she is boasting cups weighing 42 pounds.

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Photo credit should read Ruaridh Connellan/Future Publishing via Getty Images

Who is Lacey from Botched?

Lacey Wildd was declared a client who had the “biggest boobs” that Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow had ever laid their eyes on. The mom-of-six from West Virginia had plans to go down to either a size three, and ultimately, zero.

She starred on the Where The Wild Things Are episode of Botched in 2014, before she returned a year later with a problem. The doctors had initially refused to operate on her due to Lacey’s multiple operations.

They advised Lacey who has the fourth largest chest in the world, to take a break. But she returned to the E! clinic after the one thing they warned about happened. She tried to do her face again and it came out botched.

Lacey had gotten a nose job and a liquid facelift from another doctor, which led to breathing problems and sagging skin. She had also said that after she fixed her face, she wasn’t going to touch anything else on her body.

Thanks to the work of the Botched doctors, Lacey could later breathe through her nose, and the appearance looked as though it was back to the normal – albeit, not as small as she hoped, she was happy with the results.

Lacey’s plastic surgery story

Lacey has had 36 plastic surgery operations, with her aim to look like an adult barbie. She has had her buttocks enlarged, eyes made wider, nose made thinner and a myriad of other procedures.

She was originally an A cup, before she made the plunge to enlarge her breasts. It took 12 operations to get to the size of them today, following her mid 2014 plans, which involved preparing for a surgery to move to a QQQ cup.

To avoid harassment, she has not released the name of the doctor that performed the surgery. She reported that she would be traveling to Brazil, a country well known for medical tourism, to complete the surgery.

To sleep, Wildd has to lie at a thirty degree angle, or she feels like she is being suffocated. At their current size, her breasts weigh 42 lbs together, and even had pig skin sewed inside her abdomen to support the augmentations.

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Where is Lacey Wildd now?

Lacey recently spoke out about how plastic surgery “isn’t always so glamorous.” She has told her Instagram followers to read the reviews and listen to other girls before they go to surgeons.

The Botched star wrote:

Remember I love all my plastic surgeons but I have had good ones and unfortunately recently I’ve had a really bad one. I’m reading online so many horror stories of things that this person has done to other women and I just want other to warn other women about his horror stories and mine.

Her modelling and TV work has helped Lacey accumulate a net worth of over $100,000 to this day. She has kept up her passion for spirituality, and shares snippets of her beliefs on IG, such as the special number 11:11.

The single mother-of-six has also confessed that she wants “to build something humble by helping orphaned and abused animals.” Looking for one to three acres of land in central to north Florida, it is her dream to rehome animals.



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