Has Lexi Martone had weight loss surgery? Before and after pics of Unpolished star!

Has Lexi Martone had weight loss surgery? Before and after pics of Unpolished star!

Lexi Martone stars on TLC’s Unpolished series, which follows her life as a nail artist. So, has she had weight loss surgery?

Set in Lexi and her sister Bri’s Long Island salon, cameras follow the unfolding events as customers, tourists, and celebrities receive treatments.

Recently, fans of Unpolished have noticed that Lexi appears to have lost weight, and are wondering whether she had surgery.

So, we looked into how she lost weight, and view before and after pics…

Screenshot: Lexi and Jen’s Huge Blowup! | Unpolished, TLC YouTube

Who is Lexi Martone?

Lexi is a nail artist who co-owns a beauty salon in New York.

Her and her sister Bri took over the Salone Martone after their father died in May 2020, as he was the hairdresser’s owner and manager.

She has a reported net worth of just over $1 million, after first studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Lexi wanted a change of career, and went on to attend the New York Institute of Beauty in 2012, and spent 3 nails training to become a nail artist.

After working for Vanity Projects and as Formula X ambassador for SEPHORA, she has become well-known for her skills in the nail industry.

Did Lexi Martone get weight loss surgery?

  • Yes

Lexi lost 120 pounds before getting reconstructive surgery for weight loss.

She first started to lose weight by following a strict diet and exercising.

This was shown on Unpolished in December 2019, when she revealed that losing weight had given her the confidence she wanted.

Lexi then underwent the surgery, despite her parents being worried about possible complications that could have taken place.

Lexi Martone: Before and after pics

Lexi looks fairly different now, compared to how she looked in 2018.

Although she revealed she is more confident following surgery, it appears that Lexi used to show more of her body a few years ago.

Here is a recent picture of the TLC star…

Below is an image of Lexi before getting surgery, where her waist line and legs looks noticeably different.

She tends to show off her legs in more recent pictures.

The throwback picture below (which she posted in 2018), is one of several pictures where she posed on a rooftop in Cancun.



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