Who is Mago Pop on Magic For Humans? Meet the Netflix illusionist on Instagram!

A new mind-boggling show is here, and it comes in the name of Magic For Humans. Illusionist Mago Pop leads the way… So, who is he?

The Spanish adaptation of Justin Willman’s well-known Magic For Humans has been brought to Netflix, as Mago walks the streets of Spain.

Having shocked the locals with his illusionist tricks, viewers are now wondering who he is, so we’ve explored his Instagram for fans.

Keep reading below to find out more about the Netflix star…

Screenshot: Magic for Humans Spain | Official Trailer | Netflix YouTube

Who is Mago Pop?

Antonio Díaz Cascajosa is a Spanish illusionist, who is better known by his stage name El Mago Pop.

He is the first European illusionist to have a one-person television program broadcasting in 150 countries through Discovery Channel.

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The 35-year-old became the highest-grossing artist in Spain from 2016 to 2019, as well as the highest-grossing illusionist in Europe.

At the age of 17, Antonio began exhibiting his shows in theatres all over Spain, including The Great Illusion.

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Where have we seen Mago Pop before?

In November 2013, El Mago Pop premiered on Discovery Max.

During the show, he showcased his tricks to stars such as Love of Lesbian, Eduard Punset, Ferrán Adria, Ruth Lorenzo, Alejo Sauras and Nick Mason, drummer of the legendary band Pink Floyd.

In May 2014, when a new season premiered, he managed to win over physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking with an illusion.

Five months later, he began collaborating in the Antena3 TV show Los Viernes al Show on Fridays, where he made a weekly game to artists such as Pablo Alborán, Mario Casas, or José Coronado.

In September 2017, his new show Nada Es Imposible premiered at the Rialto Theater in Madrid.

Meet Mago Pop on Instagram

Antonio has announced that he will soon be hitting up Broadway!

His Instagram page mainly consists of on-stage performances where he has delivered his talent, as well as celebrities he has shown tricks.

Celebrities who feature include actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Spanish football manager Pep Guardiola, Freddy Krueger, and Stephen Hawking.

He tends to keep his profile professional, and keeps his personal life private. Follow him to stay updated with all of his shows!



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