Where is Maja from My 600-lb Life now? Instagram weight loss update!

Maja shared her life story on TLC’s My 600-lb Life, and fans are eager to find out where she is after filming. Here’s your latest update…

Taking on Dr. Now’s weight loss program, cameras allowed us to gain an insight into her journey as she tried to improve her lifestyle.

She is one of several clients who visit the doctor for his help and assistance, of which appointments are regularly showcased on My 600-lb Life.

So, where is Maja Radanovic now? Did she continue to lose weight? She shocked viewers, as they watched her entire body completely transform.

Screenshot: Maja’s Story, TLC Facebook

Who is Maja on My 600-lb Life?

Maja Radanovic, who was born to Serbian parents, was first introduced to the show in February 2019.

More than two years later, the TLC series revisited Maja to find out what she’s getting up to, on the March 31st (2021) episode.

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During her first appearance, it was revealed that eating was always Maja’s way to cope. She would visit three or four fast food drive-thrus in a day.

From Portland, Oregon, the 33-year-old was bullied due to her weight, and suffered mobility issues as a result of the pounds she was carrying.

Maja Radanovic: Weight loss journey

Maja first weighed in at 689 pounds, and lost almost 100 pounds in a year.

Her weight problems started at a young age, and got worse when her parents got divorced, and her relationship with her mom became strained.

During high school, Maja weighed almost 300lbs, and had increased by 100 pounds by the time she graduated.

She began working at fast food restaurants aged 24, at more than 500lbs, and got engaged, but was abandoned by her fiance when it was revealed she would struggle to get pregnant due to her weight.

Several years later, at 33, she was put on a weight loss program by Dr. Now, and was so dedicated that her and then-boyfriend Christian moved to Houston to be near his surgery.

At one point, Maja blamed her then-boyfriend for her failing weight loss, which ended up in them arguing often and him eventually leaving.

Despite losing 100 pounds with Dr. Now’s help, she decided to quit the program after eight months.

Where is Maja from My 600-lb Life now?

Maja is currently living in Texas by herself, which she has been doing for the past few months since Christian left her.

She did end up turning to food, despite not having considered herself an “emotional eater” before.

At the time of filming, Dr. Now told her that she should be losing twice the amount of weight that she is losing.

Since then, Maja has posted photos with a new boyfriend, who she has been posting pictures alongside for the last seven months.

She has also clearly lost a significant amount of weight, and regularly posts photos of her new look – including a before and after pic recently!

On top of that, Maja was approved for weight loss surgery.



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