Making It: Meet the season 3 cast - Kaviya, Jessie, and co on Instagram!

Your favourite crafting competition has made its way to our screens in time for June 24th. The line-up will consist of eight budding makers…

The third season on NBC introduces eight new contestants, who are hoping to be named “Master Maker” and given $100,000 in prize money.

Hosts Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman will be setting each of the makers with tasks each episode, eliminating makers as the weeks pass by.

Putting their best scraps, ideas and creative ideas out on the table are the following contestants, who are all artists striving for the win.

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Gary Herd

Known as “The Bearded Woodworker”, Gary is a husband, father and artist rolled into one person – and he’s putting his best skills on the line.

The YouTube creator has 8.69K subscribers on his channel ahead of his appearance, so it’s likely that this number could increase!

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He often shares his creations, such as milling a log, making a first aid kit for the shop he runs, and putting together a wine bottle glass holder.

Gary currently lives in a coastal town in the central part of Oregon, and refers to himself as an artist and Mural painter by trade.

Jessie Lamworth

Jessie is an artist, maker and creative who focuses on “clever and creative solutions for her clients”, according to her website.

She graduated from Haverford College with a Bachelor of Arts in the Growth and Structure of Cities.

Since then, the maker has gone on to bring her artistry skills to the table.

She spent the past two years at a brand consulting firm in New York City, where she engineered market strategies for Fortune 500 and start-ups.

Jessie now creates food art, animations, sculptures, and social media content as a freelance artist, and takes on clients for business branding.

Becca Barnet

Artist Becca currently co-owns an artist firm called Sisal Creations.

She spends most of her time in an art studio, creating commercial art installations and detailed interior design.

The NBC star graduated the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration, before attending the Missouri Taxidermy Institute.

She then began replicating textures and preserving animals, which led to an array of museum displays.

Her business focuses on giving businesses, such as a café, museum, hotel or office, an immersive design.

Adam Kingman

Designer Adam is heading onto the NBC competition this year.

Also a director and maker, he currently works in frog design at SF studio.

Focusing on spaces, objects, and experiences, he hasdesigned outdoor gear, hardware for consumer tech products and immersive experiences.

Believe in clever solutions with a sustainable footprint, Adam’s website states that he has the “hard skills to make (almost) anything happen, and the leadership to build an energized team”.

He appears to reside in Lake Tahoe, California, which is where most of his Instagram pictures are based.

Blake McFarland

Blake went from being a full-time ball player to an artist and maker.

He runs the BM Sculptures YouTube channel, where he has at least 29K subscribers. The star shows his woodworking and metal work on there.

The contestant is a retired professional baseball player, having played for the Toronto Blue Jays from 2011 to 2018.

He now specializes in using recycled and mixed materials to create custom sculptures and interactions for clients.

Blake has worked for Goodyear Tires, Lululemon, Hyundai, Nothing But Tires and The Sports and the Arts.

Maria Antoinette Loggins

Maria is setting out to inspire women to live in their full expression, through “beauty, wellness and a DIY lifestyle”.

The beauty and lifestyle expert, who is also a wife, mom and entrepreneur, is known for specialising in textured hair.

There’s no stop to Maria’s skills, as she has been braiding and styling hair since she was nine years old, and is now a licensed cosmetologist.

Having worked with models, celebrities, executives and other individuals, she became a highly sought-after artist, and launched her own firm in 2013.

She currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, with her husband and son.

Chelsea Andersson

Chelsea is a maker and prop designer, who focuses on miniaturism.

Based in California Bay, she usually creates dollhouses for work, as well as items to go inside them, such as small lights.

Also a landscape architect, the Making It contestant handmakes the small houses using a laser cutter, which are known as ChelseaMakes pieces.

The 29-year-old wanted to study art as a teenager, and found a job in landscape architecture in Mill Valley, after graduating in 2014.

She then moved with boyfriend Nick Stroud, who is now her husband.

Kaviya Ravi

Focusing on colorful DIY, home and lifestyle work, Kaviya handmakes items at a small studio in Louisville, Kentucky.

As the maker-in-chief at online lifestyle store Khromophilia, she is usually kept quite busy when it comes to making her creations.

Living in The Highlands neighbourhood in Louisville, Kaviya lives with her husband Guru – who she also works with – and their two puppies.

She currently lives in a 115-year-old single family home, which was featured in an Apartment Therapy article.

Aside from being an artist, Kaviya enjoys cooking with Guru.



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