Storage Wars: What is Mary's net worth? Texas native's items for sale here!

Storage Wars sees bidders buy garage items with hopes to make a profit on them. So, what is cast member Mary’s net worth?

For those who love a bargain, the A&E series is the show for you, as professional buyers explore storage units in search of unique items.

Mary is amongst the line-up of bidders who often place their bets, and it looks like she has made a living out of the hobby.

So, what is Mary’s net worth? Which items does she sell? We had a look at her website to find out how she makes an income.

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Who is Mary Padian?

Mary is a buyer on A&E’s Storage Wars, from Dallas, Texas.

She sells handmade, vintage and “one-of-a kind” home goods that she has collected from treasure hunting around Texas.

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The 40-year-old has her own online shop called Mary’s Finds, which formerly was a brick-and-mortar store in Texas. It is no longer in operation.

Although she is not married, Mary is thought to have a boyfriend.

She recently moved back to Texas and left the show, following a send-off from her fellow storage bidders.

Storage Wars: What is Mary’s net worth?

  • $600,000

Mary became passionate about found objects and furniture while working as Paige Rense’s assistant, the former editor of Architectural Digest.

Since becoming a cast member on Storage Wars to showcase her love for auctions, she is thought to have made $15,000 per episode.

Although she is no longer appearing on the show, Mary seems to be working with brands, including Ancient Nutrition and Elderberry Hill.

Mary also recently starred in a podcast called Super Awesome Mix, where she compiled songs she grew up with, which take her back to memories.

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Mary Padian: Items for sale explored

Most of Mary’s sold items include collectibles, glassware, toys, and ceramics.

Her main income is likely to be from her online store. Currently, she is selling trinkets, art, paper, walls, boxes of treasure, and crusty plushies.

Mary also has her own merchandise for her fans – offering personalised autographs on items of clothing!

Prices for Mary’s Finds vary, from around $11 to $34 for collectables.



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