Who is Matthew Pappadia on The Circle and what's his Instagram?

Who is Matthew Pappadia on The Circle and what's his Instagram?

Matthew Pappadia is joining the line-up for the third season of Netflix’s The Circle. Reality Titbit found the player on Instagram…

It feels like we have only just recovered from the last season, which saw DeLeesa St. Agathe play her husband Trevor and go on to secure the win.

Netflix didn’t keep us keen fans waiting for too long, as a whole new round of players are gearing up to either put a stranger act on, or be themselves.

Each hidden in a Manchester flat, Matthew will be hoping to win the grand cash prize and impress his fellow players on The Circle season three.

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The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

The Circle | Season 3 Official Trailer | Netflix

Who is Matthew Pappadia?

Matthew Robert Pappadia is an actor and fitness coach.

He has appeared in shows The Night Never Sleeps, Disco!, and Just Like Joe.

The season 3 The Circle star is also the CEO of PAPSFitness, an online health and fitness consultation company.

With a height of 5 ft 9, Matt is of mixed ethnicity, and is of Latino, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, White and European Descent.

The Circle: Matt’s acting career and age

Matt is 30 years old, and celebrates his birthday on July 1st each year.

He has performed in several theatre shows, such as when he played principal Andy Lockhart in Happy Ending and a soldier in Dance of Death.

In 2012, he played supporting role Tito Morales in The Night Never Sleeps, and three years later, as principal Frank Risoto in Disco.

Previously, Matt went to Ithaca College to study acting for film and television, as well as voice and movement, and exploring emotions courses.

His skills don’t stop there, as his acting profile states he can do comedy stand-up, baritone singing and fitness modelling.

Meet Matt Pappadia on Instagram

Matt usually posts his fitness modelling pictures on his social media page.

His Instagram bio reads: “God, Gains & Gratitude. Coach. Islander. Epileptic. Baby vegan. Offended by oatmeal raisin cookies posing as chocolate chip.

His recent post talks about how he told his teacher he would see him at Times Square one day – and he was, in the promo photo for The Circle!

If you are one for motivational quotes, Matt includes inspirational words on most of his posts, and was once on the cover on Wire Magazine.

He is an LGBTQ supporter, posing in front of the coloured flag for a photo and stating two truths and one lie for fun.

Matt wrote: “1) I started watching Drag Race at Season 6. 2) I’ve never watched the Golden Girls. 3) I want @tomhardy to kidnap me.”



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