Who is Maureen on Growing Up Hip Hop? Age and Instagram of Tee Tee's mom!

Maureen is the woman who brought up Tee Tee from Growing Up Hip Hop, and fans may be wondering what her age and Instagram is.

Following a cheating rumor, Tee Tee has turned to her mother for help on how to put a stop to the circulating gossip.

Rumor had it that her fiance Shawn Rogers had been unfaithful, before he told the rest of the cast there’s nothing to it, and that they are in love.

But as it looked like the speculation was continuing to be spoken about, Maureen made her debut on GUHH to support her daughter Tee Tee.

Growing Up Hip Hop: Who is Maureen?

Maureen, aka “Aunt Bev”, is Tee Tee’s mom, as well as Pepa’s sister.

She has been making appearances on Growing Up Hip Hop since season 5.

Tee Tee’s mom, who is currently the director of First Global Bank, was on the New York bar as a lawyer in 1992, after leaving Jamaica in 1969.

She later served as the Executive Director of Jamaica’s Economic Growth Council and Head of the Growth Secretariat.

Maureen also worked in Zimbabwe in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors, and has over 20 years of legal experience in business transactions.

Fluent in Spanish, she is a woman of many talents – Maureen is a former table tennis champion!

Maureen from GUHH: Age

Maureen is at least 52 years old, but her official age has not been disclosed.

We know that she definitely has to be above age 52, as she left Jamaica in 1969 to study in America, which was 52 years ago.

Her daughter Tee Tee is 31 years old, and she most likely left her home country in her teenage years to study.

As a result of this, Reality Titbit predicts that Maureen was born in 1953, making her 69 years old today.

She is known as the oldest sister of Pepa, 51, out of eight in the family.

Meet Maureen on Instagram

Maureen appears to be enjoying life back in Jamaica, and often works from home while taking in the scenery.

Recently, she has been visiting her mom, and taking her out, such as to her sister’s barbecue (Maureen’s auntie).

She often explores when she isn’t busy working, which can include visiting farms, meeting with farmers and going to a processing plant.

Maureen is clearly very close to her daughter Tee Tee, and revealed on Instagram that she is looking forward to her grandson Laith visiting.



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