Unexpected star Jenna had a sudden realisation about what she wants to do career-wise. She claimed she wants to become a doula, but has left TLC viewers totally confused about exactly what this term means.

Jenna’s partner Aden isn’t in favor of her new career choice, but most fans are clapping from their couches and urging her to chase her dreams. Many detailed that the cast member being a “great mom” made her perfect for the job.

So what exactly is a ‘doula’? Will Jenna need training to become one and where is she now? We’ve done all the digging needed to find out whether she ever made the move to kickstart her new profession.

What is a doula?

A doula is when a woman, typically without formal obstetric training, is employed to provide guidance and support to a pregnant woman during labour. Several fans were unaware what the term ‘doula’ means at first.

The term has been shared on Unexpected since April 2021, such as when Lilly Bennett had a doula to support her amid feeling a lot of fear about pregnancy labor. Now, Jenna is hoping to go into the same profession.

Although some viewers had no idea what a doula was at first, many were overjoyed to discover the meaning behind it, and questioned why Aden seemed to be against the idea for baby mother Jenna.

Jenna has an Unexpected realisation

Jenna confessed that she wants to become a doula, one reason being that she enjoys breastfeeding. When she revealed the news, her baby daddy Aden questioned why she wanted to make her own money.

She had the idea of becoming a doula without professional training, which is possible. However, there is training available that Jenna could take up, which several fans advised on social media if she wants to be paid.

As a doula certification isn’t required in Pennsylvania, Jenna realised she could go ahead with the profession without needing training. It comes as Jenna revealed on Unexpected that she wants to make money for a new apartment.

Where is Jenna Ronan now?

Jenna recently got her hands on a new car, a Mazda, showing just how well she must be doing in the financial area of her life. So far, there is no confirmation as to whether she became a doula but fans have high hopes!

She spends most of her time looking after son Luca, who had his first day of school on April 24th 2022. However, she makes money through her TLC salary and brand endorsements, such as her partnership with organic firm Skout.

Another company she worked with recently is No Cow, who she set up an Instagram giveaway with. When a fan asked if she got a job underneath her new car post, Jenna responded: “I don’t know, maybe.”



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