Who is Mitchell from The Circle? Meet the Season 2 player on Instagram!

Who is Mitchell from The Circle? Meet the Season 2 player on Instagram!

Netflix’s second season of The Circle is getting well underway, and recently introduced new player Mitchell to the virtual platform.

The show involves people playing as themselves, or as total catfishes, in order to become the most popular and win $100,000.

With Netflix releasing several episodes a week, surprises happen along the way, from players getting blocked, to new players entering the game.

So, who is Mitchell from The Circle? We found him on Instagram…

THE CIRCLE Mitchell in season 2 of THE CIRCLE. Cr. Netflix ©2021

Who is Mitchell from The Circle?

Mitchell Eason may already remind fans of a certain former player – and they would be correct…

That’s because he is former player Ed Eason’s brother, and the son of his mom Tammy, who both took part in The Circle season 1!

His focus coming into the game is to build relationships with his fellow contestants, including Khat, who joined at the same time as him.

The 22-year-old also plays the guitar, which has already won over the hearts of several fans.

Mitchell: Family and career

Mitchell said that his brother and mom were “embarrassing” on the show, adding that they were missing people skills to play the game.

But really, him and his mom are very close, who he refers to as the “most important woman in his life” on Instagram.

When it comes to his career, he works as a health insurance agent.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Mitchell has worked as a salesperson for Prudential Insurance, in Miami, Florida, since December 2019.

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Meet Mitchell Eason on Instagram

Mitchell, who refers to himself as a “public figure” on Instagram, instantly lets his followers know that he is a Christian by quoting a bible passage.

He also adds “Be true to your truths” in his bio, so it is no surprise that he has gone into The Circle as himself, and not a catfish!

The player already has 52.3k followers, which are expected to increase as the Netflix series shows more of his personality.

Looking through his photos, it’s clear to see that Mitchell enjoys hanging out with friends and family, working out, and living a luxurious lifestyle.



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