Who is Molly on Memphis Street Outlaws? Age and Instagram revealed!
Screenshot: Molly Gulley, Street Outlaws Twitter

Who is Molly on Memphis Street Outlaws? Age and Instagram revealed!

Molly Gulley has been on viewer’s minds, after she was seen on the season four premiere episode of Memphis Street Outlaws.

JJ Da Boss heads the speedy series in Memphis, where he regularly spends his time on the underground racing scene, alongside family and friends.

One of those friends is Mallory Gulley, aka Molly, who cameras regularly caught sight of during the July 19th episode.

Many regular viewers did not recognise who she was, and are now wondering who she is, such as her age, Instagram and family background.

Who is Molly Gulley?

Molly, whose full name is Mallory Gulley, is Kenneth Gulley’s daughter.

She often takes part in the races herself, and joins the speeding events.

The Street Outlaws star, who is sisters with Natalie Gulley, also models merchandise for KEG Motorsports, which is ran by her father.

She is also a Bail Bond Agent at Gulley Bail Bonds, which is ran by her mom Cari Gulley and Kenneth.

When she is not racing, Molly also works at KEG Towing. Previously, she studied at Arkansas State University.

Molly on Street Outlaws: Age and boyfriend

Molly is currently 26 years old, celebrating her birthday on December 31.

She is in a relationship with Zach King, an ASU Alumni and fisherman

The couple have been posting pictures with each other since November 2020, and regularly go to sporting events together.

Molly and Zach also have a dog called Ellie Mae!

Meet Molly on Instagram

Molly, who lists herself as a public figure on Insta, has over 46K followers.

Her comments are flooded by fans, who have been urging her to return to Street Outlaws after being absent for a while.

She is clearly very loved up with her boyfriend, and often spends time with her family going out to events.

Molly is usually out on the water, celebrating her American roots, and of course, racing on the underground streets of Memphis!



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