Who is Natalie Viscuso? My Super Sweet 16 star revealed as Henry Cavill's girlfriend!

Natalie Viscuso has been revealed as Henry Cavill’s girlfriend, and fans have already recognised her from starring on Super Sweet 16.

The English actor went public about his relationship with Natalie via Instagram on April 11th, which was a complete surprise to his fans.

It was quickly discovered by his followers that Natalie isn’t a complete novice when it comes to the media world, as she has been on TV before.

So, who is Natalie Viscuso? Where is she from and how did her and Henry meet? Let’s find out more about Henry’s new girlfriend…

Who is Natalie Viscuso?

Natalie is a vice president of television and digital studios at Legendary Entertainment in Los Angeles.

She was previously a manager in scripted television at The Weinstein Company, after a job in the same area of work at ITV Studios.

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The My Super Sweet 16 star lives in Los Angeles, California, and studied at the University of Southern California.

After her first appearance on the MTV show, she featured in a later episode which saw that she was living in Austin, Texas, for her last year of school, and was focusing on playing soccer.

She reveals she gets recognised for being on the show a lot, and had plans to get involved in her father’s night club business.

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Natalie Viscuso on My Super Sweet 16

Natalie’s TV debut on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 took place in 2005.

She had just moved from Roswell, New Mexico, to La Jolla, California, to live with her wealthy dad and step mom.

By the age of 15, Natalie was living in a $5 million house and cruising around town in her father’s Bentley and Ferrari cars.

It wasn’t too difficult to find a venue for her 16th birthday, as Natalie’s dad owns five of the hottest nightclubs in southern California.

She handed out 1,000 invitations to everyone except freshman, and prepares for the party by trying on dresses at designer stores.

Then while getting ready, Natalie finds out that freshman are planning to crash her party, and says she will kick them out.

At the club, the music stops as Natalie and her friends make their grand entrance, walking through the crowd – and straight to the dance floor.

Oh, and although she didn’t get a car for her 16th birthday, her dad later got her a new red Audi A4 Turbo, which she described as “tight”.

Meet Natalie Viscuso on Instagram

Natalie, who has at least 38K followers on Instagram, went public about her relationship with Henry on March 11th, sharing the same picture as he did.

She regularly posts pictures with her dog Meat and outings with friends, as well as updates on her latest career projects.

Her latest focus appears to be new series Brujo with HBO Max.

The social butterfly is just as close to her mum and dad as she appeared to be on My Super Sweet 16, as they often feature on her profile.


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