Nicole Gordita joins the line-up of Spanish stars on Netflix dating show Insiders, which sees 12 contestants living in one big house.

Little do they know that filming has already begun for the TV series, despite thinking they’re in the final stages of casting for a reality show…

Now out in the USA, UK and Spain, three different countries can lay their eyes on the show as contestants – such as Nicole – are faced with challenges.

Nicole particularly seemed to stand out for most viewers, who have been trying to find the star’s Instagram. Well, we did just that!

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Insiders | Tráiler oficial | Netflix España

Insiders | Tráiler oficial | Netflix España

Who is Nicole on Insiders?

Nicole Gordita is a contestant from the Canary Islands.

Hoping to bag the cash prize of over £100k, the singleton is clearly very outspoken and has made quite the impact on the first episode alone.

The Netflix star has “always had the feeling that she’s incomplete”, and revealed she has invested a lot to look good.

Her aim of being on Insiders is to “feel whole” and pay for surgery.

She added: “If I have to lie or screw someone over to get the money and pay for my surgery, I’ll do it.”

Nicole’s age and career

Nicole works in social media, and is currently 27 years old. She also has her own management agent, suggesting that she is an influencer.

When talking about her job online, she simply added: “and I’m a woman.”

With 34.6K followers on her Instagram, and 1.1 million on TikTok!

Nicole has even more likes than followers on the video platform, standing at over 14 million – and likely to increase during her time on Insiders

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Meet Nicole on Instagram

Nicole is clearly a love of sea and sand, with most of her Instagram pictures showing her either sunbathing or walking along a beach.

She also loves animals, going to the zoo and meeting little kittens!

Of course, Nicole has been promoting Insiders more recently, but usually sticks to a travelling theme, with mainly selfies filling up her page.

Stating that her marital status is “single” on the show, it doesn’t look like she has gotten into a relationship, as there is nobody else on her Instagram.



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