Who is Nonie from Marrying Millions? Age and net worth revealed!

Marrying Millions catches a glimpse of relationships – with each partner from completely different backgrounds. So who is Nonie?

She is amongst six couples who face scrutiny from their family and friends, who often disagree with the differences in the relationships shown.

Since the Lifetime show began to air its second series, viewers have started wondering how old Nonie is, as well as how much she is worth.

So who is Nonie from Marrying Millions? We reveal her age and net worth!

Screenshot: Nonie Creme, Marrying Millions Season 2 Premiere After Show | Lifetime YouTube

Who is Nonie?

Nonie Creme is an entrepreneur who has worked with big beauty brands.

She is dating Reese Record, who is 18 years younger than her.

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The Lifetime star has three of her own brands, including Butter London, Colour Prevails, and Beauty Garde, and is also a mother, so she sure is busy!

She now stars on Marrying Millions, but started off doing nails to make a bit of money after moving to London back in the ’90s.

After 10 years of being a nail artist, Nonie moved to Seattle.

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How old is Nonie from Marrying Millions?

  • 49

She met Reese, 31, on dating app Tinder over a year and a half ago.

Nonie was born on December 25, 1972, making her 49 at the time of writing.

Fans think she looks young for her age, so she recently took to Instagram to inform them that she has “had a bazillion treatments and procedures”.

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What is Nonie Creme’s net worth?

  • $10 million

Reports suggest that Nonie’s net worth is in the millions, which has most likely been accumulated from her own businesses.

Her company Butter London started out selling nail polish, and has since expanded to sell makeup products.

Nonie’s other companies also sell makeup, as well as eyelashes.



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