Lizzy Musi, known for racing other fierce competitors on Street Outlaws, has been on the daring show for ages. And it shows… Her older pictures may leave you questioning if it is the same person.

Surgery rumors about the racer aren’t the only discussions fans have had about Lizzy recently.

On top of that, some noticed her hair colour, facial appearance and overall look have dramatically changed since 2014.

We had a scroll through her older pictures and realised just how much she has changed. Putting the driving aside, the popular cast member has been faced with rumors surrounding a potential boob job.

Lizzy Musi faces ‘boob job’ rumors

Since the December 6th 2021 episode, Lizzy has been faced with multiple rumours that ask whether she may have gotten a boob job. Another piece of speculation questioned whether she’d had her nose done.

The rumors about the cast member possibly going under the knife began around one month ago, as the latest season of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings gets underway.

A Corvette Forum thread showed the racer taking part in a photoshoot in 2016, where her chest area was picked up on by fans who thought they did not look natural.

One user wrote: “I’m not sure what’s up with the bra in some of the first shots, but the somewhat forced look detracts from taking her seriously and with respect (as a driver).”

Another said there is “no need for the forced boob thing”, suggesting they didn’t look natural.

Did Lizzy get a boob job?

At the time of writing, there are no confirmations that Lizzy may have gotten a breast augmentation.

Despite several fans seeming to agree that her chest area is more significant, Reality Titbit looked through her older pictures to find she does not look different in that part of her body.

It may just be that she is wearing more revealing outfits on Street Outlaws, which has led to a more noticeable chest.

Usually, she is wearing a long suit to keep her protected when racing.

There is definitely one thing that’s changed about her appearance, though – she has dyed her hair brown!

Street Outlaws: Lizzy before and after

Lizzy look dramatically different compared to her pictures in 2014. This was the same year she made her Pro Nitrous debut in 2014 behind the wheel of King Kong 5 – a 2009 Dodge Stratus.

With dark hair, more make-up and what appears to be a totally different look, the racer was practically unrecognisable.

Going back to 2013, the same year Street Outlaws launched, she appears a lot younger with prominent cheekbones.

Now 31, Lizzy would have been around 22 when she uploaded these pictures, so it’s no surprise she’s changed!

Today, she has much lighter hair, a more natural facial appearance and a much slimmer physique. Her eyes are also far more prominent now compared to her younger years.

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