Who is Pickle Wheat on Swamp People? Meet the new alligator hunter on Instagram!

Pickle Wheat has joined History’s Swamp People cast, as cameras follow a group of alligator hunters as they do their jobs. Who is she?

The new season, which aired on Thursday (February 4th), saw Pickle showcase her skills alongside the other hunters.

Locals based at the Atchafalaya River Basin, Louisiana, usually come face-to-face with challenges as they hunt the reptiles for a living.

So who is Pickle Wheat on Swamp People? We found her on Instagram!

Who is Pickle Wheat?

Pickle Wheat, whose real name is Cheyenne Wheat, is from Poydras.

Hailing from a long line of gator wranglers, she is the new alligator hunter on the Swamp People team.

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Her great grandfather was one of the original alligator hunters in St. Bernard Parish, where she currently lives.

She has hunted with her father since her childhood, and works on the family business making duck and turkey calls when not on the swamp.

Who is Pickle Wheat’s boyfriend?

  • Chase Landry

Looking at her Facebook profile, it appears that co-star Chase and Pickle got into a relationship in October 2020.

In one post, Pickle said that she is a “better” her when hunting in the woods with Chase and her brother Eddie Wheat.

Chase is Troy Landry’s eldest son, which could be linked to how she got her role as Troy’s new deckhand.

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How old is Pickle Wheat?

  • At the time of writing, it is not known what age Pickle is

Considering that her boyfriend Chase is 31 years old, it is likely that Pickle is around a similar age.

There is no public information available regarding Pickle’s age.

We do know that she is at least 18 years old, as you need to be above 18 to get an alligator permit and become a hunter!

Meet Pickle Wheat on Instagram

The new Swamp People cast member hasn’t updated her Instagram profile since 2019, so she isn’t very active on there.

However, looking through her photos shows that she has been passionate about hunting for several years, which go back to 2013.

She also has a puppy called Strut, who she got in 2015!

Some of her photos actually show her on the swamp going hunting.



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