Growing Up Chrisley: Who is Savannah's new assistant Nick?


Growing Up Chrisley: Who is Savannah's new assistant Nick?

Savannah Chrisley has hired a new assistant to take her Instagram photos. For those wondering who he is, we got to know Nick properly.

It’s not just photos for social media that Nick is good at, but he appears to offer the Growing Up Chrisley star with pretty much anything she needs.

Although her brother Chase Chrisley, and his best friend Elliott, do not think he is capable of doing the job, Savannah has complete faith in Nick.

Viewers might be wondering exactly who Nick is, how Savannah knows him, and whether he has an Instagram account to snoop on.

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Who is Savannah Chrisley’s new assistant?

  • Savannah’s new assistant is called Nick.

He is a fitness fanatic who has began running errands for Savannah.

Several viewers have already started thinking Nick looks like Grayson Chrisley – who interestingly has the same name as her ex.

His job is to take photos of Savannah, run her social media – such as post photos of her brand Sassy by Savannah – and run errands for her.

So far, Nick has been aired as her new assistant for a few days. And Savannah says it’s “clear he’s very capable to do the job”.

Nick on Growing Up Chrisley

Nick was seen asking Elliott if he ever wants to go to the gym, but Savannah did not seem happy about the potential plan.

He then was instructed by Savannah to deliver flowers for her.

Chase Chrisley has already bet Savannah that her new assistant won’t last, but she responded by saying he will be there longer than a week.

He told his sister: “Just because someone can take pretty photos does not mean they are qualified to be your assistant.”

However, she replied by saying “yeah it does”, and described Nick “as absolutely amazing” as he has already brought in likes with an online post.

Is Nick still Savannah’s assistant?

  • Although unconfirmed, it does not look like Nick is still her assistant.

Later in the episode, Nick is at the gym, despite it being Wednesday at 3pm. So, Savannah starts focusing on her make-up brand.

Elliott questions Savannah on how it is Nick’s third day, and why she is doing her own errands despite only just hiring an assistant.

He reveals it looks like “red flags” and asks if she is concerned.

Savannah says she hopes it is just a “learning curve”, and asks Elliott not to tell Chase as they had a bet that Nick would not last.

Some viewers have suggested that Elliott or Chase could be her assistants instead, as they seem to know what is best for Savannah.



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