Terilisha has quickly became a fan favourite as Netflix gets its second season of The Circle underway. Let’s look at her career and Instagram…

With hopes to become the most popular player, she is playing herself (well, kind of) on the TV competition series – to try and win a $100,000 cash prize.

The series works by different players all communicating through a virtual platform, either as themselves or as a total catfish.

So, who is Terilisha? What does she do in her usual everyday life, when she isn’t speaking to strangers through a screen?


Who is Terilisha?

Terilisha is a recording artist, songwriter and actress from Dallas, Texas.

Throughout the Circle USA, she portrays herself as a substitute teacher who is considered “cool” by her students, due to her long blue hair.

However, the other players have no idea about her career as an artist.

She is also an actress on drama-comedy series Washed, based in Dallas, Texas, in which she plays a character called Khloe.

Terilisha’s music career

Terilisha began her musical journey at an early age.

She started singing in girl groups, as well as with a church choir and praise teams – with her influences including Beyoncé and Michael Jackson.

At the age of 17, she decided to pursue her career as a solo artist.

Some of her independently-released tracks include Spotlight (2013), N.A.S.(2015), Naughty Naughty and Giving You All My Love (2017).

You can listen to her songs on Spotify here. Her most popular tracks come from her latest album The Blue Heart, which released in 2019.

Meet Terilisha on Instagram

It looks like 2021 has been the year of success for Terilisha, as she is “coming for every blessing” this year.

Starring on The Circle USA, as well as promoting her latest album, shows that Terilisha’s priority is her acting and artist career.

During 2020, she travelled and lived in another country (which appears to have been London), saw a full hunters moon at 40,000 feet in the sky, and watched the sun set over Canada twice and rise over the Arctic Ocean!

She mainly keeps her Instagram – where she has more than 7.2K followers – career-focused, and doesn’t give too much away about her personal life.



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