Ayleen Charlotte has quickly become a fan favorite after she shared her story of being conned by Simon Leviev. The Netflix documentary saw her sell his clothes and keep the money for herself…

Three woman, including Ayleen, Pernilla Sjöholm and Cecilie Fjellhoy, have taken to the platform to create The Tinder Swindler, where they were manipulated into paying the fraudster thousands of pounds.

Since the popular show hit number one on the Netflix charts, many have been hailing Ayleen a Queen. It comes after she decided to sell his designer clothes and keep the money made for herself, instead of giving the funds to him.

In fact, she’s been rocking her ex’s sunglasses in a recent Instagram post…

The Tinder Swindler | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Tinder Swindler | Official Trailer | Netflix

Ayleen’s Tinder Swindler story

The third woman to feature on The Tinder Swindler is Ayleen, who hails from Amsterdam and works in the luxury fashion industry. However, she was actually going out with ‘Simon’ before he met Cecilie and Pernilla.

Ayleen said on the Netflix show that she and ‘Simon’ had been dating for 14 months and was also taken to a five-star hotel on their first date, just like Cecilie.

Over the course of their relationship, Ayleen gave ‘Simon’ $140,000. But, she managed to come up with a plan to get her money back, which involved selling his designer clothes on eBay. This saw her make at least $10K!

She rocks his shades in IG post

Ayleen recently shared a shady pic on Instagram, where she confirmed that she was wearing his sunglasses. The fan fave went on to hashtag ‘#thankyouall’ in the caption for those sharing their support.

She has turned comments off on the picture, which received over 22K likes in total and was uploaded to the platform on Monday February 7th. The star can be seen sticking her tongue out while sat in her car.

It’s likely that Ayleen plans to sell the glasses, which she claims belonged to Simon Leviev originally. It comes as part of several eBay listings where she had customers bidding for his collection of designer clothes.

Her Instagram explored

Ayleen seems happier than ever, and has accumulated a whopping 25K followers on the platform, mainly due to becoming a fan favorite on the Netflix show. She recently celebrated her birthday by posing near a boat statue.

She continuously thanks her fans for their support on Instagram, and declared that she is trying to respond to everyone. The star has also linked her GoFundMe page, shared with Pernilla and Cecilie, in her bio.

The Netflix star posted a selfie in November 2020, with the caption: “Another year another fear!” Despite what she went through with Simon, Ayleen hasn’t stopped going for fun meals with friends and living life as best she can.

She also shared a jokey post which shows how often Starbucks have misspelled her name on coffee cups, suggesting that her humour – clearly demonstrated on the documentary – has not been lost.



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