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Todd Chrisley's transformation through years of Botox will shock you

Todd Chrisley has always been open about his Botox procedures, which some fans think keeps the 52-year-old looking as young as ever.

The Chrisley Knows Best star brings comedy and real-life drama to his USA Network family show, including regular jokes about going under the needle.

Of course, it’s a given that most reality TV stars are subjected to speculation all the time, and it doesn’t stop at Todd – whose undergone Botox for years.

We explored his transformation, from right before getting any procedures, to how he looks now, in his early fifties.

What Botox has Todd Chrisley had?

Todd Chrisley gets Botox every six months, which includes his regular top-up of wrinkle-reducing injections.

He has been seen getting injected into the top of his nose, where his eyebrows meet below the forehead.

His doctor has revealed he is injecting where his bunny lines are, to get them out of his head.

Todd also regularly gets Botox injected next to his eyes, where a crease would usually be seen on someone’s face.

The Chrisley Knows Best star has even admitted that he gets Botox under his armpits, which means he “doesn’t sweat”.

Todd Chrisley’s transformation

In August 2020, Todd came under fire for speculation, which accused him of getting a facelift during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, he outright denied these rumors. Fans thought his face looked puffy, which some put down to a “bad Botox reaction”.

But despite his age, Todd has no signs of any wrinkles or creases in his face, which looks very smoothed out all over. Unless he smiles!

Looking back to 2019 though, Todd did have a few creases round his eyes, and slight frown lines on his forehead.

It is the area around Todd’s eyes that have noticably changed over the last few years, as he used to have more natural creases underneath.

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The USA Network star loves Botox

Todd has revealed that he was always afraid of needles, until it came to the time “where it would help him look beautiful”.

His wife Julie has even remarked that she cannot tell how upset he is, due to the effects of his Botox on his face.

He has asked doctors to “just plump him up” and has told daughter Savannah: “I’ve had Botox, you can’t tell when I’m tensed up or not.”

Todd’s experience with Botox has advanced to snake venom facials, which is “like a topical Botox”, alongside Julie.



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