Teen Mom: Who is Tyler's sister Amber? Meet his sibling on Instagram!

Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra get some news, when they find out his sister Amber “relapsed”. Let’s get to know his sibling on Instagram…

The couple are just one of several who are followed on Teen Mom OG, as they take on pregnancy as part of their daily lives.

During the latest preview clip, Tyler’s mom tells him that his sister Amber has started drinking again, and several fans’ hearts are breaking for him.

So, who is Tyler’s sister Amber? Have we seen her on the show before?

Screenshot: Butch Makes Amends w/ Tyler and His Sister | Teen Mom OG | MTV, MTV’s Teen Mom YouTube

Who is Tyler’s sister Amber?

Amber Baltierra, 33, is a Surgical Technologist from Detroit, Michigan.

She is a mom to son Jordan Josiah and daughter Lexi.

Currently living in Austin, Texas, she is single and working for Dr. Althea Eggleston, an oral and facial surgery.

Amber previously checked into a 90-day rehab center to treat drug-related issues, and had been celebrating sobriety more than a year after.

However, Tyler was recently informed his sister had relapsed.

Tyler and Amber: Sibling relationship

Amber is Tyler’s only sibling, which makes them very close.

They have gone through ups and downs with each other, including making amends with their father Butch, who had alcoholism issues.

Amber was living in Tyler and Catelynn’s home, until her brother asked her to leave due to police receiving complaints about the house’s condition.

When finding out about his sister’s relapse, he seemed upset, and revealed that as a child, he questioned why his father didn’t put him first.

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Meet Amber on Instagram

Amber, who has acquired a large fan base of at least 28K followers from briefly starring on Teen Mom OG, regularly posts on Instagram.

She often uploads skincare and make-up pictures, with the occasional post spending time with family. She says she “loves her family so much”.

The Teen Mom star recently tried out Monat hair products, which led to several fans telling her how proud they are.

Tyler’s sister is clearly a big fan of music, as she often posts screenshots of her favourite tracks she’s listening to.



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