Uncle Dale has become a fan favourite on Outdaughtered since he began appearing on the TLC series. Let’s meet him on Instagram…

The Busby family’s life is followed on the reality show, who made history as the couple to become parents to the first all-female quintuplets in the U.S.

Ava, Olivia, Hazel, Riley and Parker, joined four-year-old Blayke in 2015, and became the nieces and nephews of Uncle Dale.

So, who is the uncle on Outdaughtered? We had a look into his background and Instagram to get to know him better.

Screenshot: Pizza Party with Chef Uncle Dale! | OutDaughtered, TLC Youtube

Who is Uncle Dale on Outdaughtered?

Uncle Dale, who is called Dale Mills, says he is “America’s Favorite Uncle”.

He may be the uncle to quintuplets, but he is also a father to his two children McKenzie and Bronson.

The Outdaughtered uncle hails from Louisiana, like his wife’s family.

Now, he lives near his Outdaughtered family, who are based just outside of Houston, Texas, and worked in food services before the show.

Dale had a job at Mexican restaurant Casa Manana after high school, where he worked for five years, until 2006.

He now works as director of sales in pump division at Lance Rental Company.

Who is Uncle Dale’s wife?

She is known as Aunt Kiki on Outdaughtered, and works as the owner of fitness company CADi Fitness.

Crystal and Dale have been together since they were 19 years old.

They met while Dale was living in a house in Lake Charles with three friends, where they regularly used to host parties.

Meet Uncle Dale on Instagram

Uncle Dale is happy to share regular snippets of family life, including with the Busby family, along with his wife and children.

He’s also very proud of his son Bronson, who plays baseball, and his daughter McKenzie, who came first for the Sharks!

It looks like Dale and his family regularly enjoy spending time in Florida.

He may be a father-of-two, but he is also the father of his puppy Kobe, who has his own Instagram profile – the newest member of the Mills family!

With at least 298,000 followers, his popularity from cracking jokes and sharing his bubbly personality on Outdaughtered is clearly enjoyed by fans.



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