What happened to Gabe's wife on Alaskan Bush People?

Gabe, the fourth son born to the Brown family, is best known for appearing on Alaskan Bush People. But where’s his wife Raquell?

As the latest season began airing on Discovery, several viewers tuned in to see how the “wolf pack” are getting on, following their father Billy’s death.

However, Gabe’s wife was nowhere to be seen on the first episode, and now many are worried about whether the TV couple are still married.

Reality Titbit has done some digging to get the latest on Gabe and Raquell’s relationship status, to make some sense of her absence.

What happened to Gabe Brown’s wife?

Gabe’s wife Raquell was not present in the first episode of Alaskan Bush People’s latest season, but no reason has been publicly given.

Reality Titbit assumes that she is busy looking after their baby, who was born in November last year.

It is possible that Raquell may appear in later episodes.

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Is Gabe Brown still married to Raquell?

Gabe continues to stay married to Raquell, since their wedding was aired on the show in February 2020.

He is still wearing his wedding ring in a photo shared five weeks ago, which was actually posted by Raquell herself.

Despite the worries that Gabe and Raquell may have split, these are clearly not true, as they continue to spend time together – with rings on!

Raquell and Gabe met through his younger sister Rain, and married on January 14, 2020, at the Brown family’s Washington home.

When their five-month anniversary arrived in June, they enjoyed a second wedding day with friends and family.

Gabe and Raquell’s baby

The couple’s baby have been on viewer’s minds, since they welcomed their child into the world in 2020.

Some fans had been worried when they did not make an announcement regarding their child’s arrival, in November last year.

However, Gabe and Raquell have decided to keep their healthy baby private, despite their lives mainly being in the public eye.



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