Who is Cho on Selling Tampa and what’s his Instagram?

Who is Cho on Selling Tampa and what's his Instagram?

Cho is one of Colony’s clients on Netflix’s new real estate series Selling Tampa, the spin-off of much-loved reality drama Selling Sunset. We found him on Instagram, as requested by many viewers…

The all-Black, all-woman cast are making history in the realtor world, as they show properties worth millions to respective home buyers across Tampa, Florida.

When Selling Tampa first hit the platform on December 15th, Cho became a popular client hoping to secure a new property with the help of Colony Reeves.

Want to meet Cho from the show? Don’t worry, we’ve got him covered. Listing incoming… aka his IG account!

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Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Selling Sunset & Selling Tampa | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Who is Cho on Selling Tampa?

Cho Ndiforchu is an investor and developer from Tampa, Florida.

He works for NDI Real Estate Group, LLC and is a International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness pro.

The Selling Tampa star looks for a home, and turns to Colony Reaves to help him do so while visiting Miami. They just so happened to be staying in the same hotel at the time he was house-hunting.

Several viewers noticed a potential flirting action going on between the pair! They also follow each other on Instagram.

Cho’s career and background

Cho is the owner of a real estate firm himself, the NDI Real Estate Group, LLC.

Situated in the Greater Tampa Bay area, his LinkedIn profile states he was in the military service for nine years.

He worked as both an Aircraft Maintenance Technician and an on-call French translator. Since then, he has completely changed his career by launching his own company in 2018.

Previously, Cho was a consultant for SH, LLC, following his work in the United States Air Force. He also has a Master of Science from Nova Southeastern University in real estate development.

Meet Cho on Instagram

Cho describes himself as a “multi-family matrix” and writes a motivational quote in his Instagram bio. It reads: “Resilience – U can’t lose if U keep getting up.”

He also promotes his YouTube channel, where he often shares videos of his bodybuilding competition entries.

Clearly a family man, some recent photos involve Cho taking his mother for brunch, while others see him showcasing his muscly physique and heading for meals with his friends.

Cho may have a successful career, but appears to stay pretty humble on IG. The physique competitor recently received a handcrafted belt from weightlifting belt firm Iron Attitude – he also said he is “eager to tackle higher heights”.

Often on vacation in his downtime, he spends most of his time dedicating his efforts to fitness.



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